Friday, December 11, 2015

The Same Old Soreheads

The Conservatives tried to create a firestorm over the nannies who help look after the Trudeau children. But, Michael Harris writes, it was all sound and fury, signifying nothing:

'Nannygate' is for nincompoops. The new PM has shuffled responsibilities in the official household to add two nannies to help with the young kids. No additional cost to the public. Even the Canadian Taxpayers Federation affirmed that, without additional costs, this is not only a dog that won’t hunt, it’s a dead dog.

 Having failed to ignite public outrage, they then turned to Sophie Trudeau's wardrobe:

Nobody was surprised to see the newly-downsized Cons chirping about Trudeau’s recent spread in Vogue. Justin and Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau could be the world’s new political power couple. The point of attack against “the hottest first lady in the world” and her “hot” hubby could be the dress Sophie was wearing in the photo — an Oscar de la Renta creation. Someone will almost certainly ask why she wasn’t wearing a Canadian designer. You know, someone with the big issues in mind.

Stephen Harper built his career on the politics of personal destruction -- and his model was the modern Republican Party:

Party leaders were told a long time ago to borrow generously from the U.S. Republican Party playbook: war, deregulation and privatization. Crush all opposition. Lie reflexively. Pander to the Born-Agains. Trash all opponents. And stoke that fear machine like there’s no tomorrow.

They ramped up that strategy in the last election and Canadians weren't buying. The Harperites don't understand why they lost. They're still the same old pathetic soreheads they've always been.


Toby said...

The soreheads are sure mouthing off in my riding. To listen to them you would think the Apocalypse had happened. The sad thing is that their facts are all wrong on just about every issue, as they always were.

Owen Gray said...

It's the same animus that drives Donald Trump's supporters south of the border, Toby. Empty barrels make the most noise.