Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Laughter Will Be Universal

Donald Trump disbanded all of his business councils yesterday -- before every member of each council resigned. The message is pretty clear: Donald Trump, the businessman par excellence, is bad for business. Vichy Mochama writes:

The time will come for all brands to dissociate from this administration. Based on the pictures of young men marching, it won’t be too long before polo shirt companies will disavow white nationalism. Somewhere, a public relations agency for Poly by Ralph Lauren and/or Lacoste is in the middle of a heated debate about if and when to change the name of their tennis whites.

From candy conglomerates to e-commerce giants like Etsy and AirBnB, there has been a steady stream of brands taking a stand against the president. Or at least tweeting that they have.

Earlier this year, New Balance, the running shoe company had to clarify whether they were, as claimed by some, the official shoe of white supremacy. Now, New Balance was once the unofficial show of “these are the sneakers I can afford.” But they’ve moved up in the world. They’re now the semi-official (as decided by me) show of Wearing Heels At the Office But Not On The Way.

But like, the official shoe of white people? Nah. Racist footwear depends on what the racist is doing. Flip-flops aren’t inherently racist unless they’re being worn by a non-Indigenous person who is also wearing a headdress at a music festival. Then, yes, those are racist flip-flops.

Increasingly companies and brands are making the connection between the American administration and the racists who support it.

It's all coming down around Donald's ears. And the only thing he knows how to do is go to war -- with everybody. Soon the derisive laughter will be universal. 

Image: Mane 'n Tail


Steve said...

Trump is not stupid. He is taking the Southern Strategy nationwide. By dividing blacks and whites he make Democrats undetectable in flyover country. There is for sure method in his madness.

Anonymous said...

Because the USA's senior military commanders have made it clear they oppose how Trump defended White Supremacists do you suppose he might fire them all, disband the military, and defend the Country by himself? It would make him the only military expert in the USA, giving him free rein to concoct all sorts of stories about his military prowess!


Owen Gray said...

Like George Wallace back in the '60's, Steve, Trump knows his base. But he's losing those who were willing to take a chance on him. Those people -- a number of whom are Republicans and former Democrats -- are beginning to understand that they made a bad bet.

Owen Gray said...

Trump is on record as saying he's smarter than a lot of generals, CD. And the one thing he knows how to do -- also on the record -- is to say, "You're fired!"

The Mound of Sound said...

I've taken a few days off, Owen, because I fear too many of us are being whipped up into a frenzy of outrage, frustration and some measure of despair over the Charlottesville incident and its aftermath.

What did it achieve for the majority of us but confirm what we've said during Trump's campaign and his presidency?

I somehow stumbled across Laureen Harper's Twitter feed today. It's full to overflowing with pictures of her wandering the pristine trails and foothills of Alberta. She plainly loves nature. And yet she would never imagine coming to the defence of my pristine coastal ecology. No, to her and other Albertans, our pristine environment is fair game when it comes to pimping bitumen.

Owen Gray said...

It's easy to be deeply depressed these days, Mound. Our darker angels are ascendant.