Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Cause For Worry

Stephen Harper was in Washington on Monday. He didn't tell the current government that he was going. And, when he left, he didn't say a word. But you have to wonder what, exactly, did he tell Larry Kudlow and John Bolton?

We should feel uneasy -- because of his past statements. Dan Leger writes:

Last week, he told a conference in London that Trump-style “America First” populism is here to stay and he advised Canada and other allies to adapt to it.
He also stressed that Canada has no choice but to remain under the U.S. security umbrella. This is something Trump loves to bring up when he’s castigating Canada and other NATO allies for not spending more on defence.
“There really is no other alternative in the world for us but a strong partnership with the United States of America,” Harper said.

Harper enthusiastically supported Trump's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. However, he recently supported Canada's trade policy on Fox News. And he is no friend of Vladimir Putin.

But Canadians know Harper. They know that he is a Northern Republican. And that is cause for worry.



Percival said...

Yes, we do know Steve. And, you can be damned sure that, in cahoots with CPC operatives, Steve is orchestrating Andrew Scheer's attacks on JT. And, you can be damned sure that Steve sees the upcoming federal election as a payback opportunity to help Mr. Scheer defeat the man who kicked his ass in the last election. And, you can be damned sure that if help is offered from his U.S. counterparts, Steve will eagerly accept. Steve is back.


Owen Gray said...

I read that Steve spent time last year in Las Vegas with Sheldon Adelson, Percival. He's a big Republican donor -- who I believe backed Newt Gringrich until Gingrich dropped out of the presidential race. You can be sure that Steve smoozes with "the right" people.

Toby said...

We have always assumed that Stevie was enthralled with Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek and maybe Ayn Rand. Were we wrong? Is Harper a disciple of James Buchanan?

Meet the Economist Behind the One Percent’s Stealth Takeover of America

the salamander said...

.. you are far too polite Owen
Harper hangs upon the riff raff
dirtbag propaganda wearing a crappy suit
and dirtbag losers that thrive in that environment
(Ray Novak ? Jenni Byrne ?)
Tjese are our supposed 'exemplars' ?
Does that include the losers like Poilievre
Candice Bergen or Kellie Leitch ?
Chris Alexander ?

I am not.. I have no reputation..
I just crawled into the cracks
with drug addicts, petty teen thieves
and the emotionally disturbed..

When I do go after political droogs
there are no illusions or delusions ..
I come like a Peregrine.. from nowhere
but upwind.. and if they want to stare downwind ?

Well, they are volunteers, not victims
They have salary, titles and pensions..
I paint houses.. and condos
They cannot do what I do

Thugs like Scheer are slugs
never really done a lick of real work
Maybe they cut their lawn ? Omigodawd !..
We should fall over in admiration ?
but I could do what they do..
and stayed busy

I have stories that would horrify anyone
bikers with baseball bats
shiv's in the prisons
Just a day in the life

So I not only have 'standing'
I see these scumbags and pus sacks
for what they are.. wanker big talkers

To me this is weeding the garden
save the beans n peas
trash the portchulago and thistle
You need a hoe ..

Owen Gray said...

Thanks for the link, Toby. I was not familiar with Buchanan. It's ironic that his name sake is generally judged by historians to be -- at least until Donald Trump -- one of the worst presdents in American history.

Owen Gray said...

What's interesting about the folks you name, sal, is that they're lifers -- lifetime politicians who really have done nothing else in ther lives, yet they claim they're on the side of house painters and the folks who deliver their laundry. Just like Ontario's new premier -- who claims he's there for the little guy -- they're frauds.

The Mound of Sound said...

He's still a Privy Councillor and should behave as such. In my view, doing this behind the Canadian government's back makes Shifty look a lot like a Quisling.

Owen Gray said...

I agree, Mound. But, then, his behaviour is entirely consistent -- either in or out of office.

Anonymous said...

The pendulum swings first far left then far right. Within how many months will Ford be the goat [my prediction 11 months] and the momentum/pendulum starts against him as he pillages the province.

On the Steve front, for sure he's bitter that he was whacked so he'll engineer the pendulum to start swinging the other way like the Quisling he is.

I'm sick of political commentating - because I know nothing, so I think I'll just stop posting for a while.

And note that I didn't even say a word about Donald "Smoot-Hawley" Trump.


Owen Gray said...

It's wise to take a break once in awhile, Anon A. On the other hand, there is value in commentary that is thoughtful and civil.

Deacon Jester said...

I suspect Harper was down there informing Bolton and Kudlow exactly where and how to hit the Canadian economy the hardest and staking his claim on the throne once the Trump does his Putin style "annexation" of Canada.

The only question for me is will we roll over quickly or slowly because roll over we will thanks to Muldoon's deal with the devil.

John Turner was right all those years ago.

Owen Gray said...

There's a price to be paid when you sell your soul, Deacon.