Sunday, October 07, 2018

Hang A Hard Right

The party calls itself the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. That's a lie. Bob Hepburn writes that, in the 100 days since Doug Ford took office, he and his party have taken a hard turn to the right:

We’ve already seen the first stages of Ford’s agenda, with his moves to slash the size of Toronto City Council, cancel the basic income test program, axe the scheduled move to a $15-an-hour minimum wage and scrap Ontario’s participation in the federal carbon pricing program.
That’s just the tip of the iceberg.
In the coming weeks, Ford is expected to make major changes in social support programs, and slash the senior bureaucratic ranks in the health and education ministries. Some fear the education cuts may be so deep that they spark teacher strikes in early 2019.
Fire sales may be held for the LCBO, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and Ontario Power Generation. Also on the possible chopping block are eHealth and dozens of agencies, boards and commissions. Agencies such as Cancer Care Ontario could well see funding cuts of up to 40 per cent.
This, in addition to Ford’s announcement this week that he is “getting rid” of the Wynne government’s labour reforms that increased sick day benefits, paid vacation entitlements and protection for temp. agency workers.

Taking their cue from the Republican judicial coup that has just taken place south of the border, the Fordians are moving fast, hoping that their government  -- which bills itself  "for the people" -- will get what they want before voters understand what's going on. But "the people" are quickly souring on Mr. Ford:

When Patrick Brown stepped down suddenly as leader in late January, polls showed the Tories backed by 43 per cent of voters. For much of Brown’s last year as leader, the party had a 20 percentage point lead over its nearest party rival.
As leader, Brown worked to make the party more mainstream, leading the Conservatives to support the federal climate change program, accepting same-sex rights and reducing Islamophobia within the party.
In mid-February, when the Tories had no permanent leader, they were supported by 49 per cent of voters, according to a Forum Research poll. On election day, the Ford-led Tories captured 40.5 per cent of the votes, winning enough seats to form a solid major government.
Today, three months later, Ford’s approval rating is already down to 37 per cent, according to a DART Insight survey. That surely makes Ford one of the few political leaders never to experience a traditional “honeymoon period” when their popularity rises in the months immediately after an election.

Unfortunately, it will be four years before the divorce decree becomes official.

Image: Global News


The Mound of Sound said...

Who "steers" Doug Ford? Every Stalin needs a Lenin and a Marx. I have trouble believing that Ford is alone in Ontario's wheelhouse.

Owen Gray said...

While Ford is obviously no empty suit, Mound, I've long suspected that he's an empty head. I too, wonder who's filling it. I'm still not sure.

zoombats said...

Maybe the Mulroneys are the puppet masters who pull the strings to make the clown puppet dance. MJW

Anonymous said...

Never [try to] argue with a CON.

Just find a way to vote them out 4 years from now.


p.s. these are dark times............... how did it come to this?

Owen Gray said...

That's interesting speculation, MJW. Perhaps Caroline is whispering in Doug's ear.

Owen Gray said...

It came to this when we lost our ability to think critically, Anon -- and when we confused emotion with facts.

Deacon Jester said...

Gordon Campbell.

Owen Gray said...

That's an excellent suggestion, Deacon. We know he's had official input.

the salamander said...

.. it would be laughable not to expect, accept & see that the so called federal Conservative Party of Canada is all over The Dough Ford Party of Ontaio. The Harper rump residue, black ops crews, robowanks and live callers, staffers, MP's and misc appointees will seek to establish Beachead Ontario, just as they are infesting Alberta - they never left.. just added Jason Kenney. They were all over British Columbia and Christy Clark's fake 'liberal' party. but then as always, the political animals migrate via Air Canada lickedy split for back door connected high paid work.. ideally with pension and full benefits. Jenni Byrne is Ford's chief of sleazy staff, Gordon Campbell can't be far behind.. as he was a wondrous BC sellout & Harper cabin boy. Toxic Alberta Firewall boyo, Ken Boessenkool was a Christy Clark chief of staff (with wandering hands) and then Patrick Brown election advisor till Brown imploded. The list goes on and on, bagmen, Federal Senators, MP's.. Its just the way its done.

As always, it will never be about 'Public Service' on behalf of MPP's riding electorate.. it will be about toxic ideology a la Trump or Harper.. or Ford's narcissism. These are shockingly glib people infected with addiction to the sound of their own voice, honing their mantra on a daily basis. Falsehoods are part of their 'game' - the Environment is a low hanging money tree to pillage on behalf of the corporate donors & lobbyists they sold out to - multiple comfy Board of Director payoffs and 'senior advisor' consulting contracts to follow afterwards - its a merry-go-round of the usual suspects.. need proof ? Just look at Stephen Lecce, another Harper cabin boy just like Ray Novak, getting settled in as an MPP, up in Fantino country, Richmond Hill .. and just wondrously familiar with Jenni Byrne and her former boss Stephen Harper and the rest of the parasite rump.

Owen Gray said...

I suspect that there are all kinds of ex-Harperites who have found shleter in Ford Nation, sal. I note too that Mike Harris Jr. is a Ford backbencher. I'm sure Senior is on Ford's speed