Friday, March 24, 2023

Beware The Madness

In Ottawa, politicians are working themselves into a lather over China. It's the kind of thing that's been going on in the United States for almost a decade. Glen Pearson writes:

There are those occasions when scandals appeal to citizens and institutions alike. The clearest example has been occurring 24/7 south of the border.  Fixation with Donald Trump’s activities is the stuff of water coolers, coffee shops, board rooms, law offices, and political hallways.  And in Canada, there is an increasing likelihood that the scandal swirling around China’s election interference will dominate the political agenda for the foreseeable future.

The circus atmosphere around Trump is akin to a feeding frenzy across the country – polls show it, and media empires bank on it.  Yet north of the border, coverage of Chinese political intrigue is landing with a thud.  While the Trump story has been unfolding for years, reaching every part of the country, Canadians view the election meddling by the Chinese government with a “meh” mentality.  It’s fairly recent.  It’s beyond much of our understanding.  And it’s not getting the purchase in this country that media and political elites had hoped.

Why the difference?

This week, a cross-party grouping of Ontario MPPs gathered at Queen’s Park to hear stories of how the province’s food banks are at the breaking point.  Politicians of all stripes sat in silence as they heard moving stories of long-term disability clients considering ending their lives following a decade of having their support payments frozen.  Food bank leaders spoke of being close to going under and that if the political class didn’t act urgently, the bottom would fall out on hunger and homelessness.  But how will that happen when partisanship runs so strong?  In my city of London, Ontario, all three provincial members are NDP, while the provincial government is Conservative and its federal cousin Liberal.  What are the chances they will collaborate to stave off what will be a crisis?

Broaden that reality a little further and you hear of millions of Canadians experiencing difficulty facing accommodation costs.  Concerns over high food prices are now endemic.  Lack of access to institutional healthcare continues to be near the top of polling about what Canadians are most worried about.

These are the daily realities and hurdles faced by average Canadian families.  In their struggle to overcome these economic challenges, they have little time to dedicate to an electoral scandal perpetuated from the other side of the world.  Are they concerned?  Yes.  But is it a priority, given all the economic pressures just listed?  No.  They just aren’t that into China, especially following years of growing disinterest in elections and political shenanigans.

Politicians are disconnected from their voters. We should beware of China. But, more than that, we should beware of the madness that would have us eat our own.

Image: Lightbringers


Lorne said...

Nothing like a bit of misdirection to distract the masses, eh, Owen? In this case, it has failed.

Owen Gray said...

Bread and circuses, Lorne. It's an old story.

Trailblazer said...

As soon as Pierre Poilievre announced that once he is made prime minister he would ban Chinese food and close down those Chinese restaurants that are actually illegal Chinese police stations on Canadian soil the interest in political interference was soon forgotten!

I mean , really, how come the National Post and other media prostitute themselves to foreign interests, particularly oil and gas which are largely foreign owned be it the US or China?
This is the same media that has long championed real estate development that has driven up prices so high we have more and more homeless.

FFS, we are going full bore US merican.


Owen Gray said...

The ill wind blowing down there is stirring things up here, TB.

lungta said...

On the spectrum of political interference from regimen change by color revolution, invasion, unsanctioned war to a few bucks or a free bus to the polls; it all seems Canadian patent petty and in such a light 'lil pp enters the ring.
"What did he know and when did he know it?" screeches 'lil pp and in his case it is nothing, really, ever.
He is like a minced faced weakling that finally gets out of the house, turns over a rock and goes "Ewwwwwwwwww... call 911!!"

Trailblazer said...

Remember all the fuss with Chinese balloons?
Turns out that they were floated up there by hobbyists, not China!
That news came from the Pentagon; didn't get much air time did it?


Owen Gray said...

Pierre is a very unhappy man, lungta. He's a poor prospect for prime minister.

Owen Gray said...

There's a lot of misdirection going on these days, TB. And it's on purpose.

Lulymay said...

PP is also Mr. Harper's "fair-haired boy", Owen, so he will never be Prime Minister material as far as it appears that a large number of voters feel.

Mr. Trudeau is a rabid target of the right wing crowd, but I just don't see extreme right wing politics and being particularly attractive to most "moderate thinking" Canadians - which I think by and large is more common than some political parties understand.

Owen Gray said...

You'd think that the Conservatives would understand why they lost the last two elections, Lulymay. It appears that they're clueless.

Northern PoV said...

War with Russia isn't enough for the west's demented leadership (incl. Biden/Trudeau).

That one is about replacing Russian FFuels with our 'ethical' FFuels and stoking the war industries.

Now we need to provoke a war with China before their successful Belt/Road initiative ends the US$ hegemony.

Welcome to the suicene.

Owen Gray said...

We're close to tipping into madness, PoV.