Monday, April 10, 2023

Like A Pitbull With Rabies

Donald Trump has been indicted. But, Michael Harris writes, one indictment isn't enough to stop him:

Simply because Donald Trump never submits to any authority or set of rules that get in the way of his impulsive ego-liberation and terminal narcissism. Instead, he attacks his accusers and opponents like a pit bull with rabies. Facts and decorum have nothing to do with his modus operandi. Consider Trump’s unhinged public remarks about Judge Juan Merchan, who is overseeing his trial on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records.

For good measure, Trump also attacked the judge’s family. He accused Judge Merchan of treating his company “VICIOUSLY” in the recent trial of Trump Organization, which Merchan also presided over. That trial ended with tax fraud findings against Trump’s company, and a hefty fine. For his role in the tax frauds, long-time Trump executive Allen Weisselberg was sent to jail for five months.

Trump the bloviating bully has behaved even more outrageously toward Alvin Bragg, the first Black person to hold the post of district attorney for the southern district of Manhattan. He has called Bragg a “criminal” an “animal” a “psychopath” and a “racist.” Trump also posted a photo on Truth Social showing himself wielding a baseball bat next to an image of Bragg’s head. Subtlety has never been Trump’s forte.

Proof that what happens on the internet doesn’t stay on the internet? Both Judge Merchan and District Attorney Alvin Bragg have now received multiple death threats. Trump actually mentioned Merchan by name in one of his Truth Social posts. The upshot? The judge now has extra personal security at the court he presides over. 

So let's be clear-eyed about who and what Trump is:

It is now crystal clear why Trump announced his third presidential run so early. He knew that a flurry of possible indictments was coming his way, and he also knew that as a past president and presidential candidate, the courts would be under great pressure to treat him differently from your garden-variety criminal defendant. 

Trump was also aware that with his death grip on the Republican base, his potential rivals for the GOP nomination would have no choice but to rally to his cause, even if he were to be indicted. Proof that he had that part right? Even Mitt Romney, one of the few Republicans to see the dangers presented by Trump, is parroting the baseless claim that Bragg’s prosecution against the former president is political.  

If Trump is allowed to heap abuse on officers of the court for seven or eight more months, if he is permitted to stir up a hornet’s nest of rage in his political base, there will be little to no stopping him. Officers of the court will be needlessly endangered, and the GOP will be further emboldened to interfere in a criminal case to push the lie that this is somehow all political. 

The time to act is now. If anyone else but Trump were involved in this case, that is exactly what would have already happened. If anyone else were spouting the inflammatory rhetoric Trump employs, they would be admonished, held in criminal contempt, or subjected to a gag order to protect the integrity of the case. Judicial authorities have got to stop being in thrall over the job Trump once had, and start dealing with his deeds, or rather, misdeeds.  

I'm betting that before Trump is convicted for several crimes, he'll be spending time in jail for contempt of court.

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Cap said...

If Trump had been treated like John Kiriakou or Reality Winner, two intelligence officers convicted of mishandling classified documents, he would already be in jail pending trial. Yet he remains free to incite the nutcases who populate Truth Social to commit violence against his enemies. I'll be very surprised if Trump spends any time in jail before trial.

Owen Gray said...

The judge in Manhattan could say we have large cells at Rickers. There will be room there for you and a couple of Secret Service agents. The logistics could be worked out, Cap.

zoombats said...

I think people need to pause and reflect on past espionage cases in the "Good ole US of A. The case of the Rosenbergs comes to mind. It's also very interesting that Roy Cohn, who was described as a "new strain of Son of a Bitch" prosecuted them with such vehemence that he brought new meaning to being "lower than snake shit". Rather fitting accolades for the man who would become trumps personal hit man. There's also some scuttlebutt down here in my temporary abode, that is rural Illinois, that the trumpster is keeping a eye out for a payout much like Nixon's 18 mill. for documents of significance.

Owen Gray said...

It's been clear for some time, zoombats, that with Trump it's all about the money.

Tim said...

In these times of runaway climate change, so much precious oxygen is spilled on Trump; like a slow moving car wreck, it's hard to look away. His daily crime spree that would've have locked up "almost" any other of the 3300000000 Americans in a matter of hours, he continues to walk free, taunting the judges and putting their lives in danger. Also pathetic is that coverage of him has sucked the very life out of coverage of the country's amazing Vice President who gave a hell is on fire speech in Tennessee following the despicable racist expulsion of two enormously talented elected officials, heck the media has all but ignored Harris, and to be fair, most of Biden's presidency. BC Waterboy

Owen Gray said...

They are fascinated with the villain, waterboy. And, in the end, that will be the cause of the nation's demise.