Monday, August 28, 2023

Monumental Cowardice

Today, a judge in Washington will set the date for Donald Trump's trial for attempting to overthrow the government of the United States. Instead of being appalled by what Trump did, Republicans are stumbling over themselves to defend him. Consider what happened at the recent Republican debate. Michael Harris writes:

Six of the eight presidential candidates raised their hands to indicate that even if the former president were to be convicted on any of the charges, they would vote for him in 2024. A couple of them went on to say they would pardon Trump if they became president. 

Reality check? They were a pack of zombies following the leader over a cliff.

Think about the enormity of what every one of the GOP presidential candidates, with the exception of Chris Christie and Asa Hutchinson, had done. The so-called party of law and order was declaring to millions of people watching the debate on television that even if Trump were to be found guilty of one or several felony offences, and of breaching his oath of office to uphold the constitution, they would put him back in the White House. 

They were signalling to the debate’s audience that it was okay to put a felon in the White House. 

The United States has descended into national insanity:

It is beyond absurd. How could anyone vote for the Republicans as lawmakers, when the leadership of the party had just confirmed that it was okay to put a convicted criminal in charge of the whole show? 

How must women feel watching this travesty, with Trump’s sexual abuse of E. Jean Carroll already on the record in civil court? This is the party that criminalizes abortion, but whitewashes Trump’s behaviour. 

For one of the zombie-candidates who raised his hand to endorse Trump last week, the humiliation was total. If anyone should know just how low Trump can go, it is former U.S. vice-president Mike Pence. 

Remember those “Hang Pence” signs brandished by the pro-Trump mob during the Capitol insurrection? According to congressional testimony, Trump told his staff that maybe Pence “deserves” it. He certainly did nothing to quell the riot he had inspired, which placed a lot of other lives at risk besides that of Pence and his family. 

Just days before the first GOP debate, Pence told CNN in a direct reference to Trump that anyone who put themselves above the constitution should never be president. Yet a few days later, Pence affirmed that he would in fact vote for Trump. That flip-flop would break the back of a grizzly bear. 

Trump got to where he now is with lots of help. All those who helped him were -- and are -- cowards.



Northern PoV said...

Watching the deadly and increasingly silly train-wreck south of the border brings to mind:
'first as tragedy then as farce'

And perhaps a new 'definition of hell' could be rendered from 'being Mike Pence'.

Anonymous said...

“… false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” Those candidates think they can represent people who understand this quote from the Gospel of Matthew.

Owen Gray said...

Pence claims to be a man of virtue, PoV. Such virtue has another name.

Owen Gray said...

Please initial your next comment, Anon.

jrkrideau said...

My candidate right or wrong.

I think we are seeing the the US political parties sinking into the role of cults. I read a US blog that is highly political and Democratic. The participants are a bit more rational in some matters (i.e. agree with me :) but most are as fanatical about the Democratic Party and, to a considerable extent, Biden as a lot of Republicans are about their party and Trump.

It looks a lot like the face-off between Luther, Calvin, etc., versus the various popes and emperors just before the Thirty Years War with the same "religious" fervour and cupidity.

If IIRC, there was a US survey, maybe five years ago, where many respondents were far more opposed to inter-party marriages than inter-racial or inter-religious marriages.

Even the rivalry between the Canadiens and the Leafs pales in comparison.

Owen Gray said...

The United States has no established Church, jrk. But it has two religions -- Democrats and Republicans.

Northern PoV said...

Just one religion in the USA: greed. With two branches.
The fierce struggle is fake cause it leads to the same outcomes while it makes the media profitable.

Chomsky's definition of the Overton Window:

"“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum....”"

Owen Gray said...

Chomsky knew what he was talking about, PoV.