Saturday, April 02, 2011

Deal With The Devil

So far, Danny Williams -- now a private citizen -- has said nothing during this campaign. But one wonders what Williams would say about Stephen Harper's promise to guarantee a loan for the Lower Churchill Power Project. Even more interesting was Harper's promise yesterday to settle with Quebec on the question of HST compensation. It could have been done two weeks ago. As Quebec's Finance Minister Raymond Bachand will attest, it could have been done fourteen months ago.

I'm sure Williams has an opinion. I have a hunch he might be skeptical. After all, he understood what Harper's promises were worth. Danny might even draw a comparison with Harper's promise to give Canadian families a tax break in four or five years. My hunch is that he would call Harper's promises what they are: a deal with the devil.

Clearly Mr. Harper will do anything -- will say anything -- to get elected. As Chantal Hebert notes in Saturday's Toronto Star, Mr. Harper "has been blatantly creative with the facts."

Danny Williams' estimation of the prime minister was less euphemistic. "Stephen Harper," he said, "is a fraud."


ChrisJ said...

Let's just hope that enough people realize that Harper's a fraud. My parents, who have always voted liberal federally, have been swayed by the fraudulent attack ads on Ignatieff.

I also think that Harper doesn't have the guts to debate one-on-one with Ignatieff as he would have to deal with the ads - besides Iggy is smarter. It will be interesting to see if Harper takes up Rick Mercer's offer to host a debate for charity.

Owen Gray said...

In the past, to mix a mataphor, Harper's Achilles Heel has been his mouth. When he has been close to a majority, he has said something which has sabotaged his hopes.

My hunch is that he backed out of the debate to play it safe. In a real debate, I'm sure Ignatieff would expose Harper's weaknesses. He has a lot of them.

I hope you're on the mend, Chris, and that the surgery went well.