Saturday, May 12, 2012

Peter Mackay's Math

We're again dealing with the problem of Peter Mackay's math. Yesterday, the Department of National Defence revealed that the "instrumental costs" of the mission to Libya were $106 million. Postmedia reports that:

The $100-million figure stood in stark contrast to comments made by MacKay to CBC in late October, when he told Canadians the incremental costs were less than $50 million — which he noted was about $10 million less than the Defence Department had predicted.

But this time the folks at DND will not be made the fall guys. When asked whether or not Mackay knew the real costs of the mission, the department was unequivocal:

"He knew the estimates, for sure," Maj.-Gen. Jon Vance said. "In fact, he presents the estimates to cabinet. So yes, the minister would have known what the all-up estimated costs of the mission could be."

We have a government which is doing its best to get rid of the auditors in government departments.We are told this is happening because we can't afford them. But every time Peter MacKay opens his mouth, it becomes absolutely clear why we need those auditors.

The Harper government -- headed by a trained economist -- can't add or subtract. Or, more precisely, it chooses not to do so. And it claims that competent fiscal management is its hallmark.


Anonymous said...

Harper started out with a $13 billion dollar surplus.

Harper and MacKay are an economical disaster. Their non-stop lies and deceit, regarding the costs of the F-35 jets. The purchase of sinkable submarines, that are nowhere near sea worthy. One submariner lost his life.

Harper's stupidity of trying to turn Canada into a, war mongering country is a joke, and a horrendous waste of money. Harper does not look after our Veterans, who have been maimed for life, fighting Harper's stupid wars. He had no right to drag Canada into...He is not worth their terrible injuries, of for their dying for. Canada is one hell of a vast country to defend.

Owen Gray said...

One of the hallmarks of a compassionate and grateful country is how it treats its veterans, Anon.

It's pretty clear that Stephen Harper's Canada is neither compassionate nor grateful.

Beijing York said...

I hope I see Harper in jail some day soon. And I really don't think I'm the only one.

Owen Gray said...

Harper is the kind of guy who generates lawsuits -- like Helena Geurgis's.

I'm sure there will be others, Bejiing.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Oh, I think they can add. They just can't seem to tell the truth without someone having to wring it out of them.

Owen Gray said...

These folks are masters of the half truth, Philip. Their numbers only account for half of the total costs of anything.

If they release the real costs, they blow a hole in their carefully constructed myth -- the one that says they are competent financial stewards.