Friday, May 25, 2012

Tail Gunner Steve

The Conservatives have now revealed their game plan for fighting seven attempts to overturn results from last May's election. There is a conspiracy afoot, they say. In a 750 page "brief," they allege that the Council of Canadians, which is underwriting the challenges to last May's results, is motivated by “antipathy ... towards the Conservative Party.” One assumes that the Conservatives feel no such antipathy toward the opposition parties.

The Globe and Mail reports that:

The Tories ransacked the legal dictionary to make their case, arguing the Council is guilty of “wanton or officious intermeddling” in funding cases by individuals Canadians.

“It is evidence that the council’s business model is to leverage anti-Conservative sentiment in order to raise money and continue to employ professional agitators like [chair Maude] Barlow.” 

What it all amounts to, the Conservatives argue, is a back door attempt to overthrow the government -- and the villains are the NDP:

“The Council has strong ties to the NDP and the labour movement leadership dating back to at least the 1980s,” the Conservatives say.

“It has expressed, on numerous occasions, that it wishes to topple the majority government that Canadians elected on May 2, 2011 and that it would prefer NDP rule.”

Several commentators have noted Stephen Harper's Nixonian inspired politics. What the Conservative response to the court challenges reveals is that Joe McCarthy's ghost stalks the halls of 24 Sussex Drive.

For Stephen Harper, opposition means conspiracy.


kirbycairo said...

And we know what happened to McCarthy. As Edward R. Murrow said - "We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty."

McCarthy's final blow with the public came when he tried to accuse Murrow of being a communist. That was when people finally saw him for what he was.

One thing that Harper has learned from McCarthy is to make other people do your public dirty work, thus keeping the appearance that he is above the fray. But more and more people are seeing him as the real source of the hate and evil that has invaded our country.

Owen Gray said...

It took awhile for people to catch onto McCarthy, Kirby. It would be more than ironic if -- like McCarthy -- Harper ended his career in ignominy and disgrace.

the salamander said...

Stephen Harper and his odd cabinet club, his Harper Government and The Harper Party are currently wading, stumbling and wallowing through Canada, parliament, the provinces and the tar sands as if its all a playground sandbox and theirs by divine right, hard work and electoral thuggary. After all.. 'possession is 9/10s of the law.'.. and they sure have enuff lawyers to shove that in our collective dazed electoral faces..

It seems like a bizarre bitumen soap oil-opera.. like Dallas done north. Soapy, ultra smug, self serving and corrupt machinations with lots of lawyers and a huge and smelly petro-evangelistic stench.. Plus the ludicrously incompetent cadre of Ministerial idiots and parliamentary aides that have been groomed by the ethically oily 'western' man from Leaside, Ontario.

Its like they're a high falutin super secretive frat boy alliance of geniuses with on call, in-house legal beagles.. Suddenly Peter Kent is a redundant whiz kid about all things Environmental but can't figure how to store furniture or cover up the costs.. Keith Hadfield of Oceans/Fisheries/Coast Guard is also totally unnecessary and invisible because Joe Oliver is now running Resources / Exports / Fish Habitat / Tankers/ Pipelines and identifying radical Haida Elders.. Peter Mackay is defending us? Or himself ? From Enviro Radicals ? Or The Chinese ? Or via Solicitor-Client Privilege against testimony from his own Canadian Forces regarding one of his own soldier's suicide.. There's some slick legal stick handling !

No mistake.. Harper plus 13 other candidates hired an American Electoral service bureau to ensure election in their respective ridings.. and a lawyer/spokesman will loudly and gladly defend the wisdom and legality of that travesty. The rest of the lout pack in Ottawa had to squirm by with home grown live/robo calling or lesser esteemed American electoral volunteers and services. Call out the lawyers to snuff anything that threatens the 'majority'

To your comments re McCarthy .. and might I add a nod to the late great Richard M. Nixon .. Imagine the poor lawyers and law firms that had to put such clients on their resumes.. after the circus, criminals & creeps left town.
The woman, a Justice lawyer.. who had to step up during the recent hearing and voice on behalf of Peter Mackay, his Ministry and his Harper Government's ugly, cowardly Solicitor-Client gambit won't likely see that as useful to her career or her conscience.

What will stop another federal Minister.. (totally conjecture on my part) from requesting Justice Department lawyers taking on a file, let's say regarding tar sands mercury in the waters downstream... near Fort Chipewayn. And the Minister claims Solicitor-Client privilege thus quashing any testimony in Hearings or Court of Law .. re how or if such mercury is, or was indeed, or in fact.. in the water.. or came from the tar sands.. Even if Canadian citizens who live there are suffering from rare but typically petro related cancers.

Parliament .. as theatre of the absurd ... cue the clowns .. call the lawyers

Owen Gray said...

That's how the Harper team problem solves, salamander. They call in the lawyers or -- in the case of Attawapiskat -- the accountants.

Their mindset lacks a human dimension. That mindset was underscored yesterday when the Harperites announced their new EI rules.

ck said...

Because the Council of Canadians have 'ties to the NDP'?? That does sound ridiculous. They may have leanings toward the NDP, but I never heard of them challenging election results when the old PCs or the Liberals were running the place.

Owen Gray said...

We've heard this story before, ck. A month ago, the NDP were Nazi sympathizers.

After awhile this gets tiresome. Unfortunately, like all who practice the Big Lie, the Harperites never tire of making absurd allegations.

ck said...

Just in from some commenter at G & M page. Apparently, the Conservative minions are on the horn, calling and begging for money to fund their defense against the dastardly CoC.

Owen Gray said...

Call out the troops. They'll march up hill and into the line of fire, ck.

thwap said...

Great news! If that's the jist of their 750 page filing, then those mental midgets are in trouble!

Dear disgusting harpercons:

The question isn't whether your opponent doesn't like you! It's whether or not your opponent has a case against you!

I don't think a respectable judge is going to appreciate wading through 750 pages of: "The people suing us are a bunch of stupid poopy-heads who are mean!"

Owen Gray said...

It's all rather childish, isn't it thwap? What is their fall back position? Are they going to hold their collective breath and turn Tory blue?