Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Getting Their Act Together

A new poll, published by Forum Research, predicts that, if there is a by-election in Toronto, Rob Ford will be reinstated as mayor -- unless his opponent is Olivia Chow:

Ford came out tops in a variety of three-way and four-way combinations that did not include Chow (Trinity-Spadina). When her name was added, she mopped the floor with all rivals, including Ford.

If Ford were facing popular Newstalk 1010 host John Tory and councillors Adam Vaughan and Shelley Carroll, the mayor would be re-elected — albeit with only 31 per cent of the vote, the poll suggests.

In a council-only three-way, Ford’s 37 per cent would beat staunch Ford critic Vaughan (30 per cent), and Carroll (16 per cent), the poll says. Ford still won when TTC Chair Karen Stintz was added to the slate.

Adding Chow to get hypothetical three-way, four-way and five-way races saw her triumph in all cases, with support ranging from 37 to 42 per cent. 

There is more than enough ambition is political circles these days. Ford is betting that ambition will divide his opposition. After all, the same strategy has worked very well for Stephen Harper. All politicians speak nobly of putting city or country before personal gain. Rarely, though, do they mean what they say.

But unless Canada's and Toronto's progressives get their act together -- instead of squabbling among themselves -- their country and their city will be ransacked.


Lorne said...

The other thing that occurred to me when I read the story, Owen, is that some of Ford's continuing strength may in fact come from people whose interest in politics extends only to how they might benefit personally under a given regime; however unpalatable a political reality it may be, that the City of Toronto is bringing in a modest tax increase under Ford may be enough to get him re-elected. The social consequences of his cuts, I fear, may not be part of the equation for many.

Owen Gray said...

As you suggested in your post this morning, Lorne, whether corporate or individual, the perspective is short term.

We may have set fire to our home, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy ourselves while it burns.

Anonymous said...

I have some reservations about Ford being removed by a judge, rather than by the people.

(But the law is what it is).

I hope Chow decides to run.

But what I really wish would happen? I wish the amalgamation could be undone. The old city of Toronto clearly did not vote for Ford. Our interests and the interests of the suburbs are clearly different. We should be allowed our own representative government, without having one region triumph over the other every now and again.


Owen Gray said...

Ford's father was in Mike Harris's government. And it was Harris's amalgamation of Ontario municipalities which made Rob Ford's ascension possible, Anon.