Friday, December 14, 2012

The Truth? What's That?

For those who wonder why Peter MacKay is stiill in cabinet, Michael Harris has a straightforward answer:

Very simple; Peter MacKay has done no worse on this file than Stephen Harper. In fact, he has merely followed the core of Stephen Harper’s communications strategy: the Conservatives aren’t bound by the facts, they create them. What they say is fact becomes fact. Here are a few examples from the Boss himself on the subject of the F-35.

“A lot of the developmental costs you’re reading in the United States, the contract we’ve signed shelters us from any increase in those kinds of costs. We’re very confident of our cost estimates and we have built in some latitude, some contingency in any case. So we are very confident we are within those measures.”

Peter MacKay may be taking heat these days. But he was simply repeating what Stephen Harper said. He was doing exactly what he was asked to do. Both men operate on the firm conviction that saying makes it so. Harper followed the same strategy last week when he announced that his government had approved the takeover of Nexen by CNOOC:

Just this past week, after taking heat for the multi-billion dollar Nexen deal, in which a Canadian resource company became a Chinese asset, the prime minister told the House of Commons that the “vast majority” of Canadians approved of the transaction.

That wasn’t true, as multiple national polls inconveniently pointed out. How did the PMO explain it? Well, turns out the PM meant that the vast majority of Canadians who called his office liked the idea of China taking over part of Alberta. Of course.
It's been a long time since we've heard the truth from either Mr. Harper or Mr. MacKay.


bcwaterboy said...

I don't think we've ever heard the truth from either of these guys, but we've become so accustomed to accepting everything we hear, that harper knows all he has to do is "say it" and it's true. Kind of like, I don't know, Christy Clark?

Owen Gray said...

That seems to be the way of the political world these days, waterboy. However, from what I read, Ms. Clark will soon be gone.

Unfortunately, Mr. Harper is still with us -- and while be for quite awhile.

Lorne said...

So, Owen, I guess the defense of the defenseless MacKay is that oft-repeated but always chilling justification for immoral behaviour: "I was just following orders."

Owen Gray said...

Anyone who knew anything about history, Lorne, would know that we did away with that defense at Nuremberg.

Unfortunately -- as their propaganda on the War of 1812 amply illustrates -- the Harperites agree with Henry Ford: History is bunk.

Anonymous said...

It is surprising, how many politicians do use the Nuremberg defense.

If you remember in BC? The trial of, Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR? The trial was held in a corrupt Kangaroo court. Presided over by a, corrupt judge. The judge permitted, brain dead witnesses. Martyn Brown had no memory, what-so-ever. We used to wonder if Martyn would be able to find his way home? His memory was that bad. The BC Liberals, then thieved tax payers money to pay....the two patsies that took the fall for Campbell, their legal fees.

The theft and corrupt sale of the BCR, was the sleaziest crime in Canadian history. Gordon Campbell, is the worst most corrupt and foul, politician in Canadian history as well.

No wonder Campbell works for Harper? They are as alike as two peas in a pod. Gordon Campbell too, twice lied and cheated, to be re-elected.

Owen Gray said...

It's discouraging, Anon. The last election was all about whether or not parliamentarians had the right to hear the facts.

Mr. Harper claimed they didn't. And he won.