Saturday, January 26, 2013

Toronto Has Been Forded

Christie Blatchford is ecstatic that Rob Ford won his appeal and will remain in the mayor's chair. She has nothing but contempt for Clayton Ruby, who took on the case against Ford pro bono. She has been inspired by:

The sight of lawyer Clay Ruby turning his back on a television camera, a feat that previously would have been considered a physical impossibility for the un-shy and, let me be frank, unctuous defender of correct thinking and all proper causes.

For Blatchford, the case against Ford was always an improper cause. It was always a tempest in a teapot, which boiled down to a little more than $3000. Ford's judgment was never an issue. His recognition that, in the end, all he had was one vote -- and getting anything done required the kind of people skills that Ford clearly does not possess -- was never a problem.

And, when Ford trumpeted yesterday that he intended to be around for another six years, Blatchford was close to nirvana:

Humility, however, is not the strong suit of this scrappy mayor, as was evident in his modest proclamation that his administration was doing “a great job."

Despite describing the entire legal/court experience as “very, very humbling,” he wasn’t the slightest bit.

Ford is a successful politician. But he is not a gifted one. And, for Christie Blatchford, success is all that matters. Toronto has been forded.


thwap said...

This is typical of the lack of accountability in this country.

From the proposed coalition to today, Canada has shown it has the institutional and legal wherewithal to bring an end to "conservative" madness and criminality, but at the last minute, some loophole or evasion of process occurs and they're allowed to continue on their merry way.

Owen Gray said...

The unpleasant truth for conservatives, thwap, is that they owe their position more to good luck than to competence.

That applies to Stephen Harper as much as it does to Rob Ford.