Saturday, August 06, 2022

Taking A Break

In the past, I've had problems with my back. They've returned, so I'll be taking a break from blogging. But I hope to be back soon.


Anonymous said...

I know back pain can be unbearable at times. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

zoombats said...

You will be missed. I for one actually look forward to your daily posting. Stay safe, live life with great joy and best wishes. Mark

Anonymous said...

Take care Owen. I know about the bad back thing….it can be all encompassing. Anyong

Anonymous said...

Owen,I hope your back problem will soon be remedied. Your blog will be missed.


Lorne said...

Rest well, Owen. Many of us count on you to bring us important stories.

the salamander said...

Re ‘back problems’ .. deary me - no fun - none at all !
it’s only THE BIGGEST HINGE of the human body ..
the SOURCE of MOBILITY .. ‘the back’ is EVERYTHING !
(as if you hadn’t ‘noticed’ ..)

My advice is firm.. & follows approx 50 years
of a tenuous working accord .. since my teen years

Stand under a POUNDING shower.. hot then cool, hot then cool
until the HOT WATER tank is EMPTY
REPEAT.. yes I said ‘REPEAT !’
(this may take a day or two)

The idea is to beat the ‘spasms’ into surrender
the muscles clenching the nerve tissues release
(& now may come the time to ‘rest’ & somewhat more easily)

Two broken backs - a tombstone fell atop me in a graveyard age 3
(where else ?) & an astonishing barn fall at 13..
both had me down for the count.. all was very black
a 3rd at age 33 .. (what is it about the ‘3’s ?)
a Texas rattlesnake pissed at my passage, crossing a dry arroyo at dawn
loud moto 350 Enduro & I.. both hit hard.. blackness immediate
the NECK no like at all.. so more hot pounding shower time

College Football & Basketball aggravation
Very Large Persons try rotating my head 360 degrees
& turn my fingers into crooked gargoyles
my back cannot tolerate a basic knee bend

Another farm related crash & burn..
hay wagon done run over me on a side hill while haying
& punk driving the tractor then run me over with the baler too

At some point ya have to laugh.. if that don’t hurt too !
How we manage to beat up the spine & all connected ‘stuff’
& THE SCIATIC NERVE must be ‘Bonus Time’

Ergh.. my Sympathies Owen ..
& ya gotta know when you’re beat ..
could be a week, could also be a month .. or more

If Toronto O & A is still active, mebbe a referral ?
Dr ‘Hammy’ Hamilton was the Orthopaedic & Arthritic guru of ‘backs’
but most of those Docs now head leading USA Hospital / Departments
whether Hip, Knee, Cervical Spine, Shoulder, Elbow.. & ‘DAMN BACK’

Anonymous said...

Take care Owen. Here's to your back recovering.

mr perfect

jrkrideau said...

Best wishes.

Owen Gray said...

Thanks, everyone, for the good wishes.

e.a.f. said...

Back pain is a miserable thing to have. Take care of yourself.

Trailblazer said...

Comparing pain is futile.
Comparing blogs is not .
This is a provocative blog of excellence.
We do NOT have enough provocative blogs .
The world of is struggling against the $$$ of other media.

Get well soon ; give the world shit!!


Owen Gray said...

It's taking a while to heal, TB. But I intend to return in the same spirit I began.