Friday, April 26, 2013

A Dark Future

Stephen Harper -- that fountain of sweetness and light -- has stepped up his attack on Justin Trudeau. He tries to paint Trudeau as weak because Mr. Trudeau wants to know why young men who have lived in Canada for a long time turn to radical Islam. Harper says:

“This is not a time to commit sociology, if I can use an expression . . . . these things are serious threats, global terrorist attacks, people who have agendas of violence that are deep and abiding threats to all the values that our society stands for,” Harper said.

“I don’t think we want to convey any view to the Canadian public other than our utter condemnation of this kind of violence, contemplation of this kind of violence and our utter determination through our laws and our activities to do everything we can to prevent it and counter it.”

This is the man who ditched the Statistics Canada long form census. He insists that government scientists have all their work screened before publication. And he has closed the Experimental Lake Area -- which Ontario Premier Kathleen has now agreed to fund. That decision pleased Dr. David Schindler, the ELA's founding director. "Her intervention," he said, "is like a ray of sunshine in the Dark Ages that the Harper government has planned  for Canada."

Harper is straight out of the Dark Ages. Anyone who believes that knowledge is the enemy is dangerous. When he is the Prime Minister of Canada, the country is in for a dark future.


Rene said...

Sociologists beware ! You're on Harper's list of enemies. He claims he won't "commit" you now, " now is not the time", but your day will come...

Owen Gray said...

Like Richard Nixon, Rene, Harper keeps track of his enemies.

Anonymous said...

I'm really unclear what our Leader meant by "now is not the time to commit sociology". Is that like saying "now is not the time to commit geology", or "now is not the time to commit archeology"? The structure is clear: a verb followed by a noun, as in "now is not the time to commit murder". So the form is correct, but the content is nonsense. Do we now have a budding Little George Bush on our hands, or is this just another example of government policy?

Owen Gray said...

What Harper seems to be saying, Anon, is that seeking knowledge is a crime.

Soon he'll talk about "putting food on your family."