Friday, January 17, 2014

Afraid Of People

The Conservatives have introduced a bill to "reform" the civil service. Lawrence Martin writes that, essentially, it is a directive that non conservatives need not apply:

Call it the Loyalty Act. According to the bill brought forward by MP Mark Adler of the York Centre riding, if the disclosures turn up suspicious past political activities, MPs or senators could then demand an investigation of the offender or offenders.

What might those suspicious activities be? Who knows? The employee might have done something terrible in the past … like holding a membership in a non-Conservative party riding association.

If this all sounds very familiar, that's because it is. This government doesn't trust anyone who has not received its imprimatur. And there are lots of the anointed who have since proved they were unworthy of that imprimatur. So the solution has been to impose a code of silence on any and all who do their bidding:

This is the crew which faced a backbench revolt over MPs being gagged on the Commons’ floor, which sent out party interns to disrupt a speech by an opposition party leader, drafted an enemies’ list, muzzled Canadian scientists, tried to bring in a draconian union disclosure bill, and is demanding that employees at Library and Archives Canada and elsewhere sign highly-restrictive loyalty oaths.

This is the government which imposed gag orders, closure and time limits on committee work with near-record frequency; bars cabinet ministers on the hotseat from answering questions in the House; crushed Rights and Democracy and other groups which failed to follow its political line; suppressed reports; eliminated databases; cut down the census; used vast sums of taxpayers’ money to propagandize its own work and demonize opponents; is under the microscope for alleged suppression of voters’ rights; and ran a cover-up out of the PMO on the Senate expenses scam.

The bill is a product of full blown Conservative paranoia. And it speaks volumes about the psychological health of the man who leads the party. He's afraid of people.


Rural said...

Lets see, Silence those who investigate and publish factual information, ensure that government employees are 'loyal' to the regime and 'investigate' those who may not be, shut down or otherwise side line any organization that is critical of the regime, 'whip' our elected representatives into submission, bombard us with self promoting propaganda whilst eliminating access to the PM by the press etc etc.
I bet some of our older veterans have a sense of history repeating itself and that these things are all too familiar to folks in some European countries.
It scares the hell out of me!

Owen Gray said...

Me, too, Rural. It's an old pattern -- so old, in fact, that it's incredible he's getting away with it.

The Mound of Sound said...

I wonder if Harper gets up in the morning, looks at himself in the mirror, and asks, "what can I do today to advance the cause of authoritarianism?"

Owen Gray said...

I've wondered the same thing, Mound. Despite all his talk about individual liberty, he must honestly believe that freedom is slavery.

Anonymous said...

Canadians are living in, very evil times.

Harper is a Fascist and a Dictator. Harper was Policy Chief fir his, Northern Foundation of 1989. He did hire Wolfgang Droege and his Heritage Front as, security for Preston Manning. Wolfgang Droege was murdered in 2005. The Neo-Nazis even donated to Harper's Alliance in 2002.

Conrad Black was a member of, Harper's Northern Foundation. He kept the lid on things for Harper to get into office. That is also how Black, got back into Canada as well.

We also had better keep vigilant. The 3 Amigo's are meeting again.

However, once a Dictator gains control? It is very difficult to get rid of them. Canadian people just, absolutely refuse to wake-up. Harper counted on that.

Owen Gray said...

And, if we remain disinterested, Harper will be re-elected, Anon.

sassy said...

I don't give a tinkers dam why Harper does what he does. I just want us to make sure we stop him

When you house is on fire, don't stand there asking how it started, put the fire out first, then you can ponder

Owen Gray said...

Harper's whole strategy, sassy, is based on the assumption that Canadians are lethargic and slow to act.

Paul Wells writes that Harper likes the phrase, "The longer I'm prime minister. . ." He believes Canadians will give him the time he needs to work his will.