Thursday, January 09, 2014

Steve, Maggie and Ronnie

Stephen Harper has never been a big tent politician. But he has always been devoted to Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. Jeffrey Simpson writes:

In March, 1989, with the Progressive Conservative government of prime minister Brian Mulroney safely re-elected, a young right-wing maverick wrote a long memorandum about how to create a stronger, sharper conservative movement.

Stephen Harper was by then a Reformer, having abandoned the PCs, and he offered advice on how to shift the Reform Party from being a populist critic of the status quo to what he called a “modern version of the Thatcher-Reagan phenomenon.”

Twenty years later, Maggie and Ronnie's view of creation collapsed. But Harper remains a true believer. Like William Jennings Bryan -- who was convinced that Bishop Usher correctly dated creation from Sunday, October 23rd, 4004 B.C -- Harper believes that Maggie and Ronnie showed us the path to salvation.

He also believes that he needs just enough voters to agree with him:

Today, with perhaps 30 per cent (maximum) of the electorate prepared to vote Conservative, the party commands the loyalty of far fewer voters than the old Progressive Conservatives. In 1979, Joe Clark won 36 per cent of the popular vote in defeating prime minister Pierre Trudeau’s Liberals (who actually won 40 per cent themselves). Brian Mulroney won 50 per cent in his landslide victory of 1984.

But, if Clark -- who Harper passionately dislikes -- could win with 36% of the vote, Harper can, too. So he has no reason to change his strategy. After all, Maggie and Ronnie paved the path to paradise.

But, as Bryan discovered at the Scopes monkey trial, when people reject the old time religion, they can make a monkey out of you.


Lorne said...

A great clip, Owen, that resonates on so many levels. Thanks for posting it.

Owen Gray said...

When there used to be Grade 13 English, Lorne, we used one of H.L. Mencken's columns as an example of logical fallacies.

And, to put the piece in context, we showed Inherit the Wind. The two pieces worked very well.

And, I confess, I love that clip.

the salamander said...

.. an inspired choice of content, idea, inspiration ..
gracias .. ! As an active advocate for Canada.. and a harsh critic of the runaway Harper Government .. the clip connects..
So how to similarly help connect the awareness and inspiration to a broader, less aware population ? And even with a brilliant idea , strategy or campaign.. how to fire it up to reveal/expose & dethrone Harper ASAP.. or by 2015 ??

The current situation in Canada is dire.. vis a vis Stephen Harper, with his political machine, corporations & embedded corporatists & PMO/Party toadies in control of Canada's parliament, finances, legal teams, much of the mainstream media, RCMP, spying agencies etc

Complicit provincial premiers equally compromised by corporatist ideologies and greed just compound the risks and extreme damage to the living fabric of a country called Canada.. And the compromising, deceit and selling out for profit & power & control grinds on down to the municipal and civic levels & at the riding levels..

We need solutions.. effective processes .. broad scale inspiration and truth.. Typically this might be films, books, songs, marches, grass roots advocates connecting people and families with truth, reality .. and effective portrayal of the catastrophic natural consequences of letting this government.. or any other, get away with murdering our democracy, environment, national identity and morality

Owen Gray said...

As Tracy says, salamander, " A wicked law, like cholera, destroys everyone it touches."

Anonymous said...

Harper is a Fascist Dictator. He was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989. That people don't see through Harper's control, boggles me.

Harper's team are briefed on, what they are permitted and not permitted to say in Parliament.

No-one is to speak to the Police unless, Harper gives his approval. If Harper isn't a Dictator? I don't know what is?

The Neo-Nazis donated to Harper's Alliance.
July 18/2002

There are even books written on Harper's Northern Foundation. However, the subject is verboten like the plague.

Six members of my family, served in WW2. Our young Canadian boys were shot and blown into fragments so, we wouldn't have such as Harper running this country.

Quite frankly? Harper is not worth their dying for.

Owen Gray said...

There are enough votes to get rid of him, Anon. But citizens will have to vote strategically.

The Mound of Sound said...

I'm not convinced about strategic voting, Owen. I'm now convinced that only proportional representation will rid the Libs and New Dems of the appetite Harper has instilled in them to become grey suited technocrats.

Owen Gray said...

I'd much prefer proportional representation, too, Mound. But I worry that -- if it sees the light of day -- it will be after Harper is gone.

From what I read, even Michael Chong's bill to reform Parliament doesn't stand a chance as long as Harper is driving the bus.

Steve said...

Margaret Thatcher must be so proud of her protege William Hauge. If the Tories are getting away with murder today can you imagine what could be found during the era of privacy that insulated Margaret Thatchers closet.

Owen Gray said...

There was a reason for that privacy, Steve. It hid venality and self absorption.