Friday, February 28, 2014

The Munchkin Brigade

John Baird and his brigade are in the Ukraine this morning. Tim Harper writes that it's interesting to examine the composition of the group:

The delegation on the ground in Kyiv Friday includes Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, representatives of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, an unelected Conservative senator and a couple of Conservative MPs, including Ted Opitz, who could use a few more votes from constituents of Ukrainian heritage to build on his mighty 26-vote victory in Etobicoke Centre in 2011.

There are no Liberals or New Democrats in the delegation because, according to Jason MacDonald, the prime minister's spokesperson:

Justin Trudeau’s comments on Russia and Ukraine — for which he has apologized — means there is “no role for the Liberals in this government mission,’’ and the opposition NDP “wouldn’t pick a side.”

Jean Chretien -- like Stephen Harper -- could get nasty at times. But he wasn't afraid of his political rivals:

Chr├ętien occasionally had opposition MPs aboard foreign trips and he led a number of Team Canada trade missions that brought together premiers of all political stripes — from Manitoba’s Gary Doer to Ontario’s Mike Harris and Alberta’s Ralph Klein — for a common goal. No fistfights broke out.

Baird's trip to the Ukraine has the same objective as Harper's recent trip to Israel -- he's buying votes back home. Conservative foreign policy does not look out on the world. It looks inside -- to the voters back home. Theirs is a small world and they are small people.

They are the Munchkin Brigade.


Lorne said...

The Munchkin Brigade - I can't think of a more appropriate designation for these rogue, Owen.

Owen Gray said...

It's not about their height, Lorne. It's about their minds.

Anonymous said...

Fie on thee, sirrah! Besmirching poor munchkins by likening them unto the vile vermin known as the harpie crime cabal and friends! Have you no decency sir? Have you no humanity?
Ohh, the humanity!
I'm ready for my close-up now, mr. levant!

Owen Gray said...

It's true that the munchkins were cute, Anon. But they lived in a fantasy world.

These munchkins are real; and they're not nearly as benevolent as the little folks Dorothy and company encountered on the road to Oz -- although their leader thinks he's the Wizard.

Anonymous said...

Doubling down on Bibi's playbook. Who really knows how far they will go?

Owen Gray said...

They really don't like limits, Loving It. Limits are for others. That's what the "Fair" Elections Act is all about.

John B. said...

Thanks. I needed this one.

I’ve been puzzling over what it is that Harper’s gang of piddling little rascals most reminds me of as, given the keys to the house and in the absence of adult supervision, they have smeared and defaced the walls with their crayons and finger-paints.

They’re the Lollypop Guild.

Owen Gray said...

They really are children run amok, John -- the kind who hold their breath and turn blue when they don't get their way.