Friday, March 06, 2015

What's Behind It All?


I wrote yesterday that Canada's newest piece of proposed tough on crime legislation is unnecessary. In fact, Stephen Harper's whole tough on crime agenda is unnecessary. So what's behind his latest move? Michael den Tandt and Tasha Kheriddin believe Harper has found his wedge issue for the next election. And so does Michael Harris:

There is always a sub-plot with everything done by the sneakiest prime minister Canada has ever had. And it’s always basically the same: Steve doesn’t care about doing the right thing, he cares about doing the right thing for the base. The Conservative base likes the idea of locking up perverts forever, just as it liked the idea of shutting down free injection sites for degenerate heroin junkies.

Never mind that the legislation will turn Canada's prisons into ticking time bombs:

Warden Steve also seems to have forgotten another thing — if these changes are made, Canada’s prisons will instantly become far more dangerous places. As any correctional officer who works in one of Canada’s 52 federal institutions will tell you, it is tough, dangerous work at the best of times. Death can make an appearance over something as trivial as a purloined cigarette, or not enough mashed potatoes on the food tray.

 So just imagine what it will be like for guards to deal with lifers who know they are never getting out. Think about it. By taking away all hope of parole — no matter how small or distant — you have turned that inmate into a time bomb. He is no longer human — just one of the living dead. He has no reason to play by the rules, no reason to rehabilitate, and absolutely nothing to lose. Double-bunking people is bad enough in the volatile world of prison; burying inmates alive behind bars strikes the match and lights the fuse.

But that's a minor irritation for Harper. Two things really irritate him: The Supreme Court and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. His proposed legislation is an attempt to make an end run around both.

That what's really behind it all.


Anonymous said...

Never mind that end run around that which Steve hates The Supreme Court of Canada that keeps slapping him down because he violates the laws of the land and his sworn enemy The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that he constantly violates.

In the USA they had [don't know if they still do] a Three Strikes and You Are Out Law. It caused more violence because any one with two law breaking strikes knew when the police came for them they would either get the death penalty or be held in Jail for the rest of their lives depending on the crime.

Therefore allot of American Police lost their lives over that law. Stupid because if they come to get you and even if you are a petty criminal studies show that if you have to forgo your freedom you will fight back.

That is more blowback for the draconian Harper-con government. Be prepared to lose more Law Enforcement Officers it is a crying shame that Harper and 'the boys in the short pants' can't see past their own noses. Every time a citizen murders a Law Officer which I do not support the police get meaner to the rest of us good citizens. I hate that...

Mogs Moglio

Owen Gray said...

Harris writes that Texas tried the same approach and it didn't work, Mogs.

Officials from that state tried to warn Harper that going down that road would merely increase violence and costs.

But he didn't listen to what they had to say.

Pamela Mac Neil said...

Harris hit the nail on the head when he said, there is always a "sub-plot" to everthing that Harper does.Canadians need to understand that sub-plot.It is there to give him a tighter control and to expand his power.You're right Owen, Harpers proposed legislation is an attempt to make an end run around The Supreme Court and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. While it is important to analyze the impact his legislation will have on Canada, people need to ask WHY he is continuously presenting unconstitutional legislation at all. The answer to that will reveal who Harper really is and what he really wants. These pieces of legislation are essentially power grabs.

Owen Gray said...

It's always been about power for Harper, Pam. He is quite simply an enemy of democracy -- because it restricts his power.

Anonymous said...


Harper does not and never has learned to listen he only knows how to bark with his foul lying mouth Owen.

In the foreseeable future I don't think he will change until he loses any friends he may have left. Even Sir Conrad Black is now speaking out about Bill C-51.

Conrad used to support Harper I guess no more. It's kind of like a breath of fresh air.

Cheers all-ways Owen,
Mogs Moglio

Owen Gray said...

It was interesting to read Black's piece in the Post, Mogs. If he's lost Conrad, you have to wonder how many friends he has left.

Anonymous said...

No friends he has left except the Red Chinese, foreign corporations granted to rape Canada's resources and the 1% crowd of cronies.

Mogs Moglio

Owen Gray said...

Given the future of the Tar Sands, Mogs, I suspect the Chinese are re-evaluating their investment.