Friday, May 13, 2016

They're Perseverating


Just before Mike Duffy's acquittal,  the leader of the Conservative caucus in the Senate, Leo Housakas, released the following statement:

“In the event Senator Duffy is acquitted on all counts, he will immediately be reinstated to the Senate as a member in full standing with full pay and access to all office resources. Senator Duffy will be allowed to take his seat in the Chamber at the next scheduled sitting.”

Now he's changed his tune. Even though Justice Viallancourt found Duffy's expenses legitimate, Housakas wants to review them. Michael Harris writes:

Instead of turning the page, Housakos is trying to turn the page back. Here’s what is on the table: Out of the $124,000 in travel expenses and contracts examined by the RCMP — the spending that provided the foundation for its charges against Duffy — Housakos wants his committee to review $56,546 in travel and $16,995 in contracts.

Why? Harris speculates that:

The operative idea here seems to be that if Conservatives in the Senate can find Duffy guilty of something — anything — it will have a restorative effect on Harper’s soiled reputation, and take the sting out of Judge Vaillancourt’s otherwise devastating verdict.

The Conservatives are perseverating -- which, by the way, is one of the indicators of brain injury.



The Mound of Sound said...

Oh, senator, be careful what you wish for. Pretty hard to get into Duffy's laundry without airing all the rest. What was it.. people.. glass houses.. stones. This guy might have an accident out behind the Parliamentary library one night if he keeps pushing this.

Owen Gray said...

Some people hang themselves, Mound. Some people build their own gallows.

the salamander said...

.. fascinating term.. hard to get my mental tongue around it.. which wants to say 'persevere' followed by '8ing' .. or is it 'a ting' ? Brain Injury you say ! As in a Con Cussion ? (a late thought is to let my tongue roll on 'sever' as the key to the puzzle.. mm

Lately on my misc tweets via @salamanderhorde the bizarre aspects of the so called 'conservatives' have found plenty of factual reference materials.. many stemming from accepted testimony and evidence from numerous court cases. Getting your head slapped repeatedly by various learned judges could certainly result in brain injury - concussion certainly accepted now as such an injury.. and the Harper Reformertory Rump need to be seen for the volunteers they are rather then the victims they claim to be.

Michael Harris certainly has smacked them with an alacrity rarely seen via Mainstream Media.. Sadly there not enough of his very special diligence.. though Indy Media have stepped in just as fearlessly. The utter audacity of the Harper winkies in our Senate should alarm Canadians.. The collusion of the sober 2nd Harper old snots screams for investigation & likely criminal charges or resignation or dismissal in disgrace. Backroom buffoonery of the slimiest order.

When one couples this treachery as public servants - with the reality that Harper Inc is simply retrenching behind the skirts of Rona Ambrose - it would not be unrealistic to call for the Party to dissolve itself.. admit the experiment was a failure and the country named Canada almost died from the arrogance & incompetance of a complete egotist scumbag pretending to be an 'economist' and responsible steward or public servant. Dude, the current toxic stew of faux conservatives littering Canada are the 'legacy' you left as you departed.

Of course the creep is not 'through with Canada' - He still has his war room structure, is a millionaire, and a stunning stunted part of the Canadian population still believes the lamprey political creature from Toronto, the smartest guy in the room.. is 'good medicine'. Goodness gracious, the Ugly Canadian operated on Canada, its peoples, the Environment like a twisted mad unlicensed doctor with a mail room delivered doctorate.. and having extreme creeps like Paul Godfrey or Arthur Hamilton gilding his credibility and bonafides just more of the failure.

Time for Mainstream Media to call for this phony construct pretending to be a responsible political party to get out of town

Owen Gray said...

I have no doubt that Paul Godfrey will call for a Restoration, salamander. But, Unrestrained Free Marketer that he is, he'll need government help to do it.

Pamela Mac Neil said...

I think Owen that along with the absurdity of Housakos in some way wanting to restore Harpers "soiled reputation" he may also be trying to make it uncomfortable for Duffy in the senate. I even think it's also a kind of harassment directed toward Duffy.Housakos is a coward, who is using his position as committee chairman of The Internal Economy Committee to try to open a review of Duffy's expenses. Someone in authority, needs to take Housakos aside and tell him it's over.

Owen Gray said...

That's the problem with the Conservatives, Pam. They haven't figured out yet that it's over.