Monday, May 09, 2016

What A Gift!

Dan Leger writes in the Halifax Chronicle-Herald that a President Trump would be a gift to the enemies of the United States:

But if your goal is to undermine American democracy, then wrecking a Grand Old Party is useful. If you’re ISIS or Vladimir Putin and democracy is your enemy, Trump is your friend. He’s wrecking one of two legitimate American parties.

Trump will further undermine democracy by stifling free speech and the independent press by making libel suits easier to prosecute and by installing judges who agree with him.

Trump says he’ll encourage Japan and South Korea to acquire nuclear weapons, almost certainly setting off an arms race in Asia. That won’t make Americans safer.

Trump says he’ll use the U.S. military to impose America’s will on the world. He doesn’t realize that Washington’s been trying that for years, and failing.

His anti-Islamic rhetoric is a boon to ISIS:

Then by fulfilling his promise to mistreat American Muslims, he’ll deliver propaganda ammunition to radical Islamists around the world. You can’t buy that kind of publicity. President Trump might turn out to be the best friend the terrorists ever had.

And consider what he'll accomplish at home:

Meanwhile Trump will sharpen racial tensions in the U.S., which are already acute. African Americans see him as the white man’s candidate and that’s never good.

Within 100 days of a Trump presidency, the promised wall with Mexico will be designed, an immigration ban on Muslims will be in place, an audit of the Federal Reserve will be started as well as a plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare.

That's right. He's a gift. A real gift.


Steve said...

I sincerly believe the world needs Trump. A bullshit artist to end the bullshit. We are in such a pickle we need someone to break the jar. Its going to be saltwater everywhere for decades, but decades is all we got.

Owen Gray said...

I believe your faith in Trump is misplaced, Steve. So far as I can tell, global warming is nowhere on his agenda. No matter how you package it, bullshit is still bullshit.

thwap said...

That's why, for the good of her country, Hillary should drop out. Polls show she's already falling behind Trump while Sanders has consistently polled better against Trump.

And, for the good of her country, Hillary should just drop out anyway, regardless. Take her millions from her corporate paymasters and retire into ignominy.

Owen Gray said...

Bernie represents real change, thwap. I suspect, though, that Hillary will be the Democratic candidate.