Thursday, September 13, 2018

Where's Caroline?

That's Bob Hepburn's question in this morning's Toronto Star:

Mulroney, who was appointed as attorney general in June by Premier Doug Ford, is turning out to be a huge disappointment to progressives within the Conservative party.
Indeed, Mulroney, who is viewed as decent, hard-working and compassionate, is virtually missing in action as Ford tramples all over her justice portfolio, stomping on the rights of citizens and thumbing his nose at democratic practice and decency.

When The Federal Court ruled against Ford, it did not declare that Ford could not pass his legislation. It simply decreed that he couldn't do it in the middle of an election. If Ford waited until after the election, there wouldn't be a problem. The solution was simple.

But, having been told how to go about passing his legislation, Ford stomped off and invoked the not withstanding clause -- because, in Ford's estimation, the Law is an Ass. Dougie's brain only has four cylinders -- and frequently at least one misfires.

Caroline's father, was not impressed:

Even her father, former prime minister Brian Mulroney, who says he hasn’t talked to her about this issue, must be shaking his head at her support for Ford’s action.
“Everybody knows I’m not a big fan of it (the notwithstanding clause) and I never have been,” Mulroney said Tuesday during an appearance in Ottawa. “Look, to me, the backbone and the enormous strength of Canada is the independence and the magnificence of our judiciary. … That is a major thrust of our citizenship.”

Even former premier Bill Davis echoed the elder Mulroney's comments. But Caroline has remained silent:

So where was Caroline Mulroney, our attorney general? Did she speak up in cabinet? Did she let Ford know this was the wrong thing to do? Or did she quietly agree to go along with our bully premier?
Mulroney was noticeably absent from Ford’s press conference on Monday. Only hours later did she send out a short tweet backing his plan. She parroted that support Wednesday in the legislature.

In the face of profound arrogance and stupidity, Caroline toes the line.

Image: The Toronto Star


Lorne said...

Given her father's, shall we say, fluid moral compass, it is perhaps not surprising that Caroline Mulroney is engaging in political prostitution, Owen. As they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Owen Gray said...

The whole caucus has fallen into line, Lorne. So much for personal integrity.

Anonymous said...

They're conservatives, so of course they fall into line behind the leader. Old BM may have his doubts about the notwithstanding clause, but he didn't tolerate dissent in the ranks.


Owen Gray said...

As he said, Cap, "Ya dance with them what brung ya."

rumleyfips said...

I never understood the approval of Christine Elliot from most pundits. Now I find my opinion of her reinforced.

Owen Gray said...

Some folks were looking for a progressive conservative, rumley. There is no place for progressives now in either the federal or the provincial conservative parties.

John B. said...

Besides a tendency to pronounced sycophancy, it's happened over the last several decades that those who identify politically as "conservative" are generally personally gutless relative to the norm. I know that hasn't always been the case. This often applies in stark relief when the subject is a politician. Those qualities are characteristics of a personality disorder that they perceive to be a type of, and often resolutely refer to as. "rugged individualism". In Ontario, they were the bread and butter of what they called the Common Sense Revolution. I think we're going to see more of it in the immediate future. Welcome back the Baglickers' Ball.

"So where was Caroline Mulroney …"

Did Doug confer with her at length on this one? If he did, we have our answer. If not, she should resign her appointment. That assumes there's something going on in there besides ambition.

Of course, if her surname wasn't Mulroney we wouldn't be facing the question; she wouldn't even be a member of the legislature. You read the label and you get what you bought. Anyway, I don't need any more of it or of the following nonsense no matter who the politician, what the gender, what the affiliation or what the second country:

"Caroline Mulroney is a dual citizen (interestingly, the U.S. oath of allegiance requires newcomers to 'renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign … state, or sovereignty')."

That applies to all of them, including the post-nationalists and aspiring secessionists. What are we - a bush league for political third-stringers with a pocket full of passports? At least now we have some conformation of the "third-stringer" factor.

e.a.f. said...

If Ms. Mulroney wants a political career as a conservative, she would be best off to resign over this issue and sit as a back bencher. It is after all a free vote. Then when those in the party have had enough of dougie, she can run for the leadership and move on with her career. From there she can run for the federal leadership after whomever takes over from Scheer, bombs out. she will then be viewed as some one who stood up for the principles of democracy. Right now, she got down with doge and she'll get up with fleas, which really is a shame. She did have a political future, but this will follow her the rest of her political career.

It is unfortunate we most likely will never see a Progressive Conservative Party in Canada again. No I'm not a member of that Party, I'm way further left, but for a democracy to work well you need a place for people to park either votes and have alternatives to the other parties. right now, many who once belonged to the Progressive Conservative party have no where to go. They may not be comfortable with the federal Liberals or NDP or Greens. it certainly would be unfortunate if we wound up with a 2 party system and a lot of people not having a political home.

zoombats on Georgian Bay said...

Is anyone surprised by the Attorney Generals stand? I cringed at the idea of her becoming the leader on her fast track run for Federal politics. These people are so blinded by their Partisanship that they can't even see how vile they are in their positions. MJW

Owen Gray said...

Donald Trump has proved that there's not much behind some names, John. Caroline is verifying that observation.

Owen Gray said...

I agree, e.a.f. The Progressive Conservatives used to be a reasonable alternative to the Liberals. Now the party is led by kooks.

Owen Gray said...

They really are a nasty, mean spirited group, zoombats. The milk of human kindness doesn't run in their veins.