Friday, June 15, 2012

Je Me Souviens

I remember. In Quebec, the phrase has always captured a sense of grievance, which goes back to the Plains of Abraham. But, stamped on the bottom of Quebec license plates, it has come to stand for more than that. It speaks to the uniqueness of the province. It is a testament to the power of memory.

Michael Harris wrote this week that Stephen Harper hopes you will forget what happened in Ottawa over the last twenty-four hours. He hopes you will forget a lot of things:

Mr. Harper hopes you forget the F-35, an unprecedented fiscal, military, and political fiasco brought to you by a corrupt military procurement system in the U.S. and a rogue DND in this country unchecked by the civilian side. Too many zeros on the cheque is the government’s best defense; that, and the availability of robots like Julian Fantino, who will apparently read anything that is put in his hands. The public money about to be wasted is unimaginably staggering and on that account meaningless – or so the government hopes.

He hopes that you will forget about the Accountability Act:

that dress rehearsal for better Tory governance that never went into production. Other politicians give you their word, Stephen Harper gives wording. His gift as a rhetorical trickster has rarely been more in evidence than in the voluminous charade known as the Accountability Act. Duff Conacher, the founder of Democracy Watch, has graded this piece of legislation appropriately – a belly-flop from the high-diving board of political BS. It features a commitment to language and an aversion to acting on the language that conjures up the PM’s greasy undermining of the Atlantic Accord. Best forgotten.

Harper hopes that it will all be forgotten. It strikes me, however, that Je me souviens has taken on a pan-Canadian meaning. It speaks to the sense of grievance that most Canadians feel, and will feel, towards the Harper government. It speaks for Canadians who work in the fishery, and who will no longer qualify for Employment Insurance. It speaks for a whole generation of Canadians who will not be able to retire when their parents did. It speaks for women who can no longer fight for pay equity. It speaks for Canada's first nations, whose lands will be befouled by the toxic sludge polluting their lands and waters.

As for me and my house, we agree: Je me souviens.


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

You could have included on your list the Conservatives who resent big government interference and do not like omnibus bills, that Harper once derided.

There are conservatives who would have liked a say in the many changes buried in bill C-38, by the radical ideologues. It appears there is some increasing division within Conservative ranks.

Every time our lives come up against the trojan horse changes in our society, we will definitely remember.

Owen Gray said...

There is a report from Canadian Press this morning, Philip, which underscores your point.

In the past, the Conservatives have fallen because of a caucus revolt. It could be that history will repeat itself.

Anonymous said...

It IS absolutely amazing. Any honest decent Canadian, with morals and ethics would ever support, such a monster as Harper.

Toews didn't even know what was in that bill, to take the internet away from Canadians. Even calling Canadians pornographers. It's rather obvious, who dictated the bill.

Same as Oliver, calling Canadians terrorists, for opposing the Enbridge pipeline. Any fool could see, how asinine it would be...stringing a pipeline over hundreds of rivers, streams and lands. How foolish, to bring massive tankers, into one of the, most treacherous seas in the world.

However, Harper's henchmen are supporting his insanity. Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and Harper, have the same typo personalities.

No opposing party's nor politicians, should comply with Harper's treason. The Nuremberg defense, may not work in Canadians beliefs either. Our young Canadian boys were shot and blown to bits, so we wouldn't have, such evil as Harper and his henchmen governing this country.

Canadians are not fond of Communists either. Harper is merging Canada in with Communist China.

So, where are the mouths of Harper's Ministers, against his insanity?

Owen Gray said...

Don't expect Harper's ministers to disagree with him, Anon.

But perhaps some of his backbenchers -- who he has ignored for years -- will get tired of carrying his water.

The Gross-Biker Family said...

Between elections, we often forget what governments have done. In the case of Mr. Harper's government, however, enough people should have been sufficiently screwed by it they'll find it easy to remember its deception, narrowness, and squalid values.

kirbycairo said...

Well said Owen. The struggle continues. . .

Owen Gray said...

Let's hope, Biker Family, that Canadians don't develop amnesia.

It would seem, however, that Bill C-38 is simply too big to be digested by The Memory Hole.

Owen Gray said...

It's far from over, Kirby. But what happened yesterday just may energize the opposition.