Thursday, November 02, 2017

You Need To Take A Shower

Two weeks before the Mueller indictments, the Trump propaganda machine began to trumpet the line that Mueller should be investigating Hillary Clinton for a uranium deal. E.J. Dionne understands the Trump game plan:

Trump’s rampage against Clinton focuses on the 2010 purchase of Uranium One, a Canadian company with U.S. assets, by the Russian nuclear authority. The deal was approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States when Clinton was secretary of state.

But the conspiracy side of this story was debunked long ago. As The Post’s Fact Checker Glenn Kessler reported this week, Clinton, “by all accounts, did not participate in any discussions regarding the Uranium One sale” and the sale “does not actually result in the removal of uranium from the United States.”  

And, after the terrorist attack in New York, Trump ramped up his distraction strategy:

Trump moved to exploit the murderous New York City truck attack by casting blame on Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer because the Democrat had backed the diversity visa lottery. Trump tweeted in response to the then-unconfirmed but later verified reports that the driver of the truck, Sayfullo Saipov, entered the United States from Uzbekistan under the program. Schumer, by the way, supported a bipartisan 2013 immigration reform bill that would have abolished the lottery.

Both of Trump's claims are boldfaced lies. But that comes as no surprise:

From the moment he descended that escalator at Trump Tower in 2015, he made clear that he would say and do anything to advance his purposes and to eviscerate anyone who opposed him.

It’s essential to recognize that Trump is faithfully following the autocrat’s playbook. He’s trying to undermine a lawful inquiry that endangers his hold on power. He has suggested that his opponent in the last election deserves to be jailed. He’s inventing stories about dark coverups by his enemies to sow confusion about the proven facts of his own team’s skulduggery. And now he is blaming his foes for violence and disorder.

Reports suggest that Roger Stone is the brains behind Trump's disinformation campaign. If you have access to Netflix, I suggest you watch the documentary Get Me Roger Stone. Stone got his start in Richard Nixon's dirty tricks shop. He was in business with Paul Manafort. He is proud of what he has done and continues to do.

After watching the documentary, you may feel the need to take a shower.



Steve said...

I am not in any way under the impression that Trump has a single good bone in his body.
However its a battle between two evils. Had Democracy been allowed Bernie Sanders would be President and the world would be much different. Same case for Al Gore, if he had won instead of GWB, IMHO 911 would never have happened and we would be spending trillions on the future
instead of pounding sand.

Owen Gray said...

An interesting link, Steve. Rarely are there perfect choices. Most choices boil down to a choice between lesser evils.

Steve said...

I chose Trump as the lesser evil. I knew he was going to rape and pillage like never before
but in the end its like a hockey team tanking, we need a new generational player and the Clinton foundation is built on the worst of democracy.

Owen Gray said...

On that score, Steve, you and I continue to disagree -- most profoundly.

The Mound of Sound said...

By now most have concluded that Trump has one, perhaps more than one, mental infirmities. He's a pathological liar, an extreme narcissist and a sociopath. What troubles me more is when his chief of staff, retired four star Marine general, John Kelly, begins repeating Trump's nonsense about Hillary, the uranium business, and basically the litany of Trump's delusional falsehoods. That's how these fabrications pass from lunacy to sanity. Kelly is, in effect, laundering Trump's madness.

Owen Gray said...

It seems that -- in the Trump White House -- lying has gone viral, Mound. Everyone who works for him becomes a liar.

Toby said...

I watched about half of that Get Me Roger Stone video. I'm have to take a shower.

Owen Gray said...

Stone and Manafort are slimy characters, Toby. It's not surprising that you feel you've been watching the worst of which humanity is capable.

Trailblazer said...

Blogger Owen Gray said...
It seems that -- in the Trump White House -- lying has gone viral, Mound. Everyone who works for him becomes a liar.

Lies become bigger lies and on it goes.
We are, unfortunately , accepting lies and misinformation with little resistance because lies suit our individual preferences and politics; we have become polarized.

Everyone lies , always have done only the stakes are becoming higher; the lies bigger and the end result more destructive.

Fake news is the latest incarnation of lying.
Again we have always had fake news it's just that we used to call it propaganda and propaganda varied between who you listened to, Radio Prague, BBC,Radio Moscow, USA today etc etc.
Perhaps the propaganda of yesteryear is a little different today as it may well be the issues and desires of big business and not just Governments?


Owen Gray said...

Governments and business both have their propaganda machines, TB. Business calls its propaganda "public relations." Governments label their efforts "public outreach." Both phrases sound benign.They rarely are.