Tuesday, April 23, 2019

May's Honeymoon

On Monday, Elizabeth May got married. Susan Delacourt writes that she may also be experiencing a political honeymoon:

All signs currently point to this being a very good week for May and the Greens, part of a long-building, upward trend in their fortunes that could well keep climbing until the fall federal election. Personally, things are definitely looking up for May, too.
Greens have held the balance of power in British Columbia for two years now. Last June, the Greens elected their first MPP in Ontario — Leader Mike Schreiner, who represents Guelph at Queen’s Park. In this year’s federal byelection in Outremont, Greens finished surprisingly in third place, ahead of the Bloc Québécois and the Conservative party.
On Tuesday, Canada’s smallest province could give the Greens their biggest achievement in this country: real, actual power. A new poll projection by 338Canada.com over the weekend cautiously forecast a majority win for the Greens, which would make PEI the first Green-led government in Canadian history.

When voters get tired of status quo politics, they tend to shake things up. It's happened in the recent past:

That’s how the then-brand-new Reform Party and the Bloc Québécois vaulted to record numbers in the Commons in 1993, the same year [Kim] Campbell was attempting, unsuccessfully, to stay on as Canada’s first female prime minister.
May is well-placed to benefit from potential voter fatigue with the traditional parties and politics as usual. She will be the only woman leader among the main parties vying in the fall’s election and Greens are an untried alternative for many Canadians. If voters are in the mood for a real break from the past, as they were in 1993, May could reap a lot of “none of the above” sentiment.

None of the above seems to be a popular option these days. Perhaps May will be in the right place at the right time.



Lorne said...

I look forward to seeing the results in P.E.!., Owen. Despite my inveterate cynicism, it would be nice to think a fundamental change is possible,

zoombats said...

"When voters get tired of status quo politics, they tend to shake things up. It's happened in the recent past:"

Thanks Owen. You have described me to a Tee and I don't feel alone. Vote Green with confidence.

Owen Gray said...

If the Green Party gains control of a provincial legislature, Lorne, the road opens up on the federal level.

Owen Gray said...

Just from the comments I receive here, zoombats, I get the feeling that something is afoot.

e.a.f. said...

We have seen the results for P.E.I. Change is coming, one way or another. Having often joked, that should a lot of people get fed up with their political parties and all decide to launch a protest vote, we could wind up with P.M. Elizabeth May. Most laughed. who knows, the last laugh may come from Elizabeth May. She did look lovely on her wedding day. Oh, and Jody Wilson-Rabourne was in attendance, so a sibling told me.

Owen Gray said...

Something is afoot, e.a.f. But it'll be six months before we know what it really is.