Friday, September 15, 2023

Don't Be Fooled

Global News reports that in 2018 Doug Ford instructed his Environment Minister, Rod Phillips, to make environmental legislation ineffective:

When Ontario Premier Doug Ford first took office in 2018, his first environmental minister was given a simple yet central task: get climate legislation out of the way of business.

The mandate letter written for the province’s minister of environment, conservation and parks suggests his task was to remove environmental and climate legislation, not to create more of it.

Rod Phillips, the first in a string of Ford’s environmental ministers, was told to scrap the province’s cap-and-trade program, fight the federal government on the price on carbon and review environmental laws to make sure they weren’t cumbersome for voters and didn’t obstruct business interests.

Phillips was asked to work with other ministers to look at “various pieces of environmental legislation that impact businesses” and make sure the laws and regulations are “as flexible and nimble as possible.” He was instructed to make sure environmental assessments — a complicated set of studies designed to predict the impact of new projects on the areas around them — could be completed within a calendar year.

In October 2018, months into its first term, the Ford government officially killed cap-and-trade — triggering the federal carbon backstop that added a surcharge to the price of fuel in Ontario.

To combat that, the environment minister was also told to work with his colleagues at the attorney general’s office to fight the “imposition of a regressive carbon tax on Ontario’s citizens” and to use legal action to “stop this carbon tax in its tracks.”

Now, Pierre Poilievre is touring the country promising to "axe the tax." Neither man is a friend of the planet. Don't be fooled.

Image: The Toronto Star


Cap said...

There are no Canadian leaders who I'd call friends of the planet. The guy spending more than $30 billion of our tax money to build a pipeline to put more carbon into the atmosphere certainly isn't one.

Northern PoV said...

Did Drug Fraud lose his court case on keeping mandates secret or did this finally leak?

This quaint, local scenario of 'gaming the fossil fuel follies' is playing out around the world making the coming apocalypse inevitable.

Are you 'collapse aware'?

Owen Gray said...

Being a Cassandra is profoundly depressing, PoV.

Owen Gray said...

As always, Cap, Big Money calls the tune.

Anonymous said...

If Canadians don't know the game being played by politicians in Canada regarding Climate Changes by now, there isn't any hope at all. Anyong

Owen Gray said...

Things are getting pretty dire, Anyong.