Thursday, December 14, 2023

A Blood Feud

Not since the days of Lester Pearson and John Diefenbaker has there been so much animosity between the leaders of the Liberal and the Conservative Parties. Susan Delacourt writes:

To state the obvious, they really don’t like each other.

Poilievre follows what he believes to be a winning formula, laying the blame on Trudeau personally for all the bad economic news. The Conservative leader darts from one sad tale to another, uniting all the disparate developments with some stock, repetitive slogans — “not worth the cost” and “axe the tax,” among others.

The Conservative MPs around him enjoy the barbs immensely.

Trudeau, who has made a habit of fielding all questions every Wednesday through all of his eight years in power (that’s three Conservative leaders and two interim leaders) also seems to be having a good time batting back the Poilievre digs.

Though it’s definitely been a more bruising year for Liberals than for Conservatives — if polls are any indication — both leaders are headed into the break believing they’ve landed some hits on the other.

For Poilievre, those hits are more on the sustained front — day after day of withering, biting criticism. For Trudeau, the past week has appeared to inject some energy into Liberal ranks.

Liberals also appeared to be taking heart in new polling from Abacus Data, showing a five percentage point drop in support for the Conservatives and an increase in negative opinions about Poilievre.

What will be the end result? I'm making no predictions.

Image: Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press


Northern PoV said...

Lil'PP's renowned 'anti charisma' and bully-behavior becomes a factor, whenever-people-pay-attention*, and look past the facile presentation of events that the corporate media offers.

*see "Writ Period"

Owen Gray said...

Poilievre's biggest deficit is his dislikability, PoV.

Northern PoV said...

Does anyone remember a constant, media-polling frenzy in 2013/14/15?
All about everyone (CONs Libs etc) wanting Harper to resign?

This is what a putsch looks like nowadays:

"Most Think Trudeau Should Resign In 2024; Majority Don’t Think He Will"

Owen Gray said...

I noticed that the article, PoV. But Justin seems unimpressed.