Saturday, April 13, 2024

Idiocy -- Pure And Simple

Arizona women are now living with an anti-abortion law that was passed in 1864, before they had the right to vote. Dana Milbank writes:

Trump accurately boasts that “I was able to kill Roe v. Wade” and “I was proudly the person responsible.” As a result of his achievement, conservatives on Arizona’s Supreme Court, freed by Roe’s demise, resurrected on Tuesday an 1864 law that bans nearly all abortions, even in cases of rape and incest, from the moment of conception. Trump invited just such Wild West jurisprudence the day before when he said abortion policy should be left “up to the states.” Now, Arizona has restored women’s health care to an era when bloodletting and mercury pills were the standard of care and patients had limbs sawed off without anesthesia.

During the same week Trump took credit for what happened in Arizona, he compared himself to Nelson Mandela:

After all, the similarities are uncanny!

Mandela led the African National Congress. Trump led white nationalists to attack Congress.

Mandela did 18 years of hard labor on Robben Island. Trump made the hard decisions for 14 seasons on “The Apprentice.”

Mandela won the Nobel Peace Prize with F.W. de Klerk for abolishing apartheid. Trump won both the Club Championship trophy and Senior Club Championship trophy at Trump International Golf Club.

Mandela built the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to heal South Africa. Trump built Truth Social after he got kicked off of Twitter.

You get the point. This is sheer idiocy.

Image: CBC


Northern PoV said...

Meanwhile, back to yesterday's off-topic in the land of Peace, Order and Good Cov't ....

Commissioner Rouleau:
"Lawful protest descended into lawlessness, culminating in national emergency. Invocation of the Emergencies Act is a drastic move, but it is not a dictatorial one.""

" Fife's leaker story about China's attempt at interference broke Feb. 17, 2023. POEC Commissioner Rouleau's report was presented Feb. 17, 2023."

CD said...

More of Trump's self-seeking bullshit! Depending upon how the women of Arizona react to what has happened to them, and how other women (and men) in other States react in sympathy with them, or to the possibility that it could happen to them if the mania spreads, he may have trouble digging himself out of the messy pile he is bragging about. I wonder what Mandella would say about it if he were alive today?

zoombats said...

Trump has also compared himself to Jesus Christ and Elvis. As he walks back some of his lies with other weasel words he's now becoming very aware that his presidential bid is threatened over the abortion issue. I recently saw a comment put forward that he has enraged the largest electoral body. American Women.

Owen Gray said...

Sounds a little like collusion, doesn't it, PoV?

Owen Gray said...

My bet is that Mandela would react swiftly and acidly, CD.

Owen Gray said...

American women will take Trump to the cleaners, zoombats -- for all kinds of reasons.

Lorne said...

Already Trump seems to be backtracking on his rhetoric, Owen. The other day, in reference to the Arizona Supreme Court, he said they went too far but they would fix it. The 'they' he was presumably referring to were the Republican state senators who, as we know, defeated a Democrat motion to have the 1864 ban overturned.

Presumably, however, this great advocate of states' rights will dream up some bafflegab to emerge from his quicksand that will satisfy his MAGA moron cultists.

Owen Gray said...

The cultists will buy it, Lorne, and it won't change a thing -- until Arizonans change their own constitution.