Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bait and Switch

Stephen Harper claimed that, with a majority, his government could focus -- laser like -- on the Canadian economy. But since their return to Parliament Hill, the Conservatives have paid no attention to the economy. Instead, they have passed legislation to abolish the Canadian Wheat Board; they passed their omnibus crime bill; and, last night, they passed a bill to add 30 more seats to the House of Commons.

Yesterday, Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae pointed to the difference between Tory promise and performance:

Although the Government has pretended that it was the economy all along that has been its preoccupation, and that in fact it’s the economy they wanted to drive their activities, the facts tell us something very different,” Rae told reporters. “They have not been focusing on the economy this fall. They have been focusing on issues that are frankly of secondary importance to Canadians, that are not top of mind for Canadians. The top of mind issues for Canadians is jobs and work. It is the economy, it is health care, these are the issues that dominate every poll and they certainly dominate every meeting that I have in my constituency or across the country.

No one should be surprised by the Conservatives' bait and switch campaign. Their recent attempt to tar Irwin Cotler was more of the same. Speaker of the House Andrew Scheer found that behaviour "reprehensible" but "technically" allowable. Let's be clear: the Conservatives staged an organized campaign to lie -- but  "technically" that's alright.

The Harper government claims it is focused on the economy. But, in fact, it is engaged in "reprehensible" behaviour. Pure bait and switch.

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