Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Old Man In Ottawa

Stephen Harper claims that Conservative values are Canadian values. But, based on recent polling data, Frank Graves concludes that Mr. Harper is trying to stop a wave that is not moving in his direction:

When looking at values overall we are struck by their level of stability. This is to be expected and welcomed; values constitute the moral charter for societies and it would be a very bewildering and unstable world where values were shifting rapidly. But within this placid world of normative stability there are some conspicuous exceptions. All of the values which are demonstrating downward trends are conservative values.

Respect for authority and traditional family values, still very important in older and conservative Canada, hold no resonance in younger and university-educated Canada. The overall trajectory in all portions of society is downward for these and related conservative values such as minimal government and security. Not only are these trendlines significantly downward but this decline in subscription to conservative values is even more pronounced in younger Canada, metropolitan Canada, university-educated Canada and among women.

Graves writes that the Harper government is serving a "gerontocracy," which he warns, "could have the negative effect of reinforcing the sclerotic stagnation evident in the current economy." It's strange that a man who sees himself as an economist can't see the red flags. But, then, Mr. Harper didn't see the Great Recession coming, even when it was just around the corner.

Even more importantly, Graves' findings explain why Mr. Harper insists on doing things behind closed doors. Despite his claim that Canadians are true conservatives, he knows that his interests are not in the public interest. Transparency would put an end to the juggernaut. The gerontocracy would be toppled.

Stephen Harper became prime minister before he turned fifty. But he is -- and always has been -- an old man.


the salamander said...

Mr Harper represents a minority.. of one .. himself.
A highly evolved bully or sociopath ? Yes I believe so, considering his actions. All diagnosis is based on observation, examination and history.

What is truly stunning is how Mr Harper has attracted, sheltered or hired those who surround him. Consider a government of elected MP's, appointed Ministers, Senators, Privy Council, Speaker, unelected bureaucrats, apparatchiks, advisors, electoral volunteers. Perhaps an unholy and mixed cadre of some 2500 to 5000 'souls' yet this soup is referred to as 'our majority government' .. Think of Ray Novak, Peter Van Loan or Peter Kent or any campaign volunteer from Guelph as sample specimens

All in perfect agreement with his every action, policy, dictate. Loudly - with bluster - enthusiasm

If they are not in perfect agreement, they still choose
to support every action, policy, dictate.
Loudly - with bluster - scripted enthusiasm

Which says what ? That all those individuals are in perfect agreement with.... or have have agreed to accept and contribute to secrecy, obstruction, deceit, environmental destruction, love China & Israel, support electoral fraud, prorogues, Norwegian salmon farms, unregulated fracking, F-35's, gazebos, infected beef, victory in Afghanistan, redaction, and the War of 1812 and pipelines from the tar sands?

Its quite black and white .. they either agree or have accepted..
and this is our current government

Owen Gray said...

It's the old story of Faust, salamander, rewritten for the 21st century.

If you sell your soul, you can gain the world -- until payment comes due.

kirbycairo said...

Old is a polite word for what he is.

Owen Gray said...

True, Kirby. He's not nearly as polite in his attack ads.

The Mound of Sound said...

Isn't it sadly curious that, while Canadian values have withstood Harper, his political rivals have capitulated to his overarching goal of moving Canada's political centre far to the right?

We have the Libs positioning as Conservative-Lites and the New Democrats shedding their socialist skin to become Latter-Day-Liberals. In these shifts both parties have betrayed the Canadian people.

Anonymous said...

Harper has no morals nor ethics, what-so-ever. I don't ever remember a P.M. as corrupt as Harper. Anyone supporting that monster, is as sick as he is. Shame on them!!!

Once a monster such as Harper, lies, deceives and cheats his way into office? It is no different than other country's people, chasing their corrupt and evil leaders into exile.

Canada is now no different than, the Honduras, Communist China, North Korea, the Congo or any corrupt dictatorship country. Harper loves China's Human Rights because, they don't have any.

Problem is? Will Canadians sink to Harper's level, to get rid of him? Canada always been, a civilized country until Harper. Do Canadians have to form a Resistance, to fight Harper? This is not a, Canadians nature to do so. Canadian soldiers have always been, a formidable force for the enemy to come up against. Our boys mostly got the dirty work, while other country's raced on ahead, and took the glory. However, we are far too complacent, to fight for our own rights.

Owen Gray said...

It's been all about opportunism, Mound. There's not much of a vision behind any of the parties these days.

And the country is in a funk.

Owen Gray said...

Unless Canadians band together and oppose the Harper agenda, Anon, we'll get more of the same.