Saturday, May 31, 2014

Occupiers Not Reformers

Andrew Coyne is no fan of the CBC -- even though he appears regularly on the public broadcaster's At Issues panel:

As I’ve noted on other occasions, whatever once may have been true, the case for public broadcasting has collapsed, along with the rest of the broadcast regulatory apparatus. The spectrum scarcity and other technical limitations that in the past made broadcasting a textbook example of market failure have disappeared, as in time will much of what we now know as broadcasting. It serves no one’s interests — viewers, taxpayers, or the CBC itself — to carry on as before.

Nothing like the BBC for Mr. Coyne. But, this week, when Fred De Lorey accused the Mother Corp of "strong arming" his party, Coyne had had enough:

How did the CBC try to “strong-arm” the governing party? How did it seek to “dictate” what “Conservatives can say or do”? It wrote a letter to the Prime Minister. That is, its chairman, Tim Casgrain, did. Mr. DeLorey does not mention that Mr. Casgrain was a Conservative appointee (and Conservative donor).

Neither does he mention, when he says the letter “attacks all Conservatives” — it does no such thing — that it was written four years ago.

And the nature of this “attack”? Mr. Casgrain went so far as to complain that the campaign the Conservatives were then waging against the CBC, in “fund-raising letters” and “talking points distributed to Conservative MPs,” was “unfounded in fact” and “wilfully destructive of an asset of the Crown.”

Mr. DeLorey does not mention the subject of that campaign, which was not a generalized complaint of bias but a specific demand that the CBC fire a pollster, Ekos Research president Frank Graves, because of a single ill-advised remark in an interview — not on the CBC but in an interview with a newspaper columnist — in which he had suggested the Liberal party ought to launch a “culture war” on the Conservatives.

Mr. Graves, one of four pollsters in the CBC’s employ, had apologized for his remark. No evidence was produced of bias in his polling work — indeed, he was a sometime supplier of polls to the Conservative government. And yet the campaign had continued. So far as it seeks “to influence the content of programming or determine whose views will or will not be represented on its airwaves.” Mr. Casgrain wrote, the government “comes dangerously close to intruding on the independence of the broadcaster.”

The Paranoid Party is now in full bloom. They are certainly not conservatives:

They are not interested in changing government, but in occupying it. The Conservatives are the “Ottawa elites” they decry, only they hope to dupe their supporters, for whose intelligence they evidently have abiding contempt, by keeping an army of convenient whipping boys on hand. And why not? It’s worked so far.

Occupiers not Reformers. That is the lie at the heart of the "Harper government."


the salamander said...

.. Exceptional Perspective .. !

I believe Canada needs staggering doses of accurate description, criticism, portrayal, analysis & information regarding The Harper Government. The 'Occupiers not Reformers' phrase and the accompanying observations accomplish this eloquently.

I often search for effective short code phrases or descriptors.. as the body of un-Canadian activity by the Harper Government is simply stunning, overwhelming in its scale, ideology.. and requires massive lists & chronology to detail.

More and more I use 'The Harper Party' as its certainly not a conservative party. That was just an effective Brand acquisition strategy aided by 'justice' mr Peter MacKay, Tom Flanagan etc

Though the Harper Fallacy initially worked for me.. I now believe the Harper Fraud(s) to be more accurate.. and whether the 'fairy tale' responses from the various ministries actually reflect a nightmare or pandora's box.. is a fair question.

DeLorey is a piece of work. Alongside startling Harper zealots such as Ray Novak, Jenni Byrne, Arthur Hamilton, Peter Van Loan, Senator Gerstein, Stephen Lecce et al.. his communiques belong in propaganda museums & poli sci classes studying political losers, liars & sociopaths.

The Harper Prorogue Frauds cement The Harper Government as 'Occupiers' refusing to accept reality or protocol & instead clinging to power, flailing and wailing about being under attack.. yet the coup they cried about was actually underway, but completely orchestrated by themselves. It was some sort of 'reverse Mormon' political kerflipflop and lie manouvre

The massive Electoral Frauds, official denials & 'Fair Elections' strong-arming further reflect the Harper Party desperation, their ethical vacuum and venomous intentions. They cannot recognize Canada & are unrecognizable to Canadians ..

And that is the Harper Legacy. 'you won't recognize Canada when I am through with it' .. He never has recognized Canada.. never will & certainly does not respect Canada or Canadians .. nor do any of his partners & occupiers in The Harper Frauds

Owen Gray said...

From his "firing" of Nigel Wright to his battle with the Chief Justice, salamander, Harper has been revealed as an Artful Dodger and Liar.

Coyne is a conservative who knows that Harper is a fraud.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Coyne, and the rest of the right wing zealots, act all religious when they disparage Canadian public broadcasting. But they get their vacuum cleaners out when they are offered taxpayer funds for their appearances on public broadcasting.

Perform 'pro bono' Mr. Coyne, and then we might take you seriously.

Owen Gray said...

An excellent suggestion, Anon.

mogs moglio said...

Reformer Stephen is like all the "reformers" "(LIARS)" before him.

In BC now on the last days of my road trip everywhere I go I ask and Stephen is not popular. Men that wear wigs who are peach bald are deceptive of themselves.

We should have known Mr Harper's style of reform is defined in Britannica as revolution as in overthrowing what was in place prior.

I asked at BC's largest outdoor market and not one voice for Harper-Hard-Head, not one. 3% no comment 97% had issues with the Harper/conservative/government/scandal-ridden-PMO's titanic belligerism.

Jul 29, 2009 - The opposite of pacifism; the belief that war is a good thing, and there should be more of it. "General Patton was a firm believer in belligerism.".

Now add to that his lack of willing to work (never had a job like the rest of working Canadians) and his dumfounded belief in 'dinosaur' and voodoo economics. We have a phoney who has been bought and paid for long before he became "Mr Reform PM" we did not stand a chance. So who is the real enemy of Canada?

Owen Gray said...

That is exactly the right question, Mogs. Mr. Harper has all kinds of enemies.

Perhaps that's because lots of people have finally figured out who he is.