Thursday, May 08, 2014

The Europeans Get It

Stephen Harper refuses to speak to the UN. Perhaps that's because he fears that, on his way to the podium, he would be booed. Karl Nerenberg reports that the Bertelsmann Foundation -- based in Germany -- has given the Harper government its seal of disapproval. In a recent report:

It says that "a strong case can be made that the quality of governance provided by the government of Canada deteriorated" since Harper got his majority in 2011.   

Bertelsmann is especially critical of Canada's environmental performance in the Harper majority era.

Bertelsmann points to the Conservatives' omnibus budget bill of 2012, which gutted federal environmental oversight of major projects while, at the same time, announcing Canada's withdrawal from the Kyoto Accord.

These and other retrograde environmental measures "tarnished the government's reputation for sustainable governance, both domestically and internationally," Bertelsmann says.

All the indicators are going south:

In policy performance, Canada fell from 13th out of 31 countries in 2011 to 18th in 2014. In the category they call quality of democracy, Canada fell from 10th to 13th; while in governance, the fall was only of one place, from 9th to 10th.

In 2014, based on its analysis of those 140 indicators, Bertelsmann says of Canada:
While the government has... implemented effective policies in many areas

over many decades, the actions of the Conservative government since winning a majority of the seats in the House of Commons in May 2011 have jeopardized this situation.

Which raises a simple question: If the Europeans understand what is going on, why haven't Canadians clued into their country's deteriorating democracy?


Lorne said...

It is good to know, Owen, that someone outside of the official enemies list that Harper keeps has noticed how badly we are slipping.

Owen Gray said...

I've felt for sometime, Lorne, that people outside our borders quickly cottoned onto Harper -- and were underwhelmed.

Danneau said...

If this group weren't on the enemies list before this report, they certainly now occupy a prominent position. The other thing worth noting is that these are relative rankings, and reflect declining environmental and social values in almost all Western "democracies", with a net effect more stark than what the report may indicate. I thought Stockwell Day was my worst nightmare until I saw Harper's nose coming over the parapet, occasioning immediate trembling, gooseflesh and hair-raising. I've not been disappointed.

Owen Gray said...

There was a time when Stockwell Day looked like a throwback to prehistoric times. But I agree, Danneau. Harper has him beat.

Anonymous said...

Harper's behavior is so bizarre, how does his team tolerate him? What else does Harper have to do, before they force him to step down?

How many more times will Harper have to, embarrass and shame this country?

Owen Gray said...

Good question, Anon. He's racked up quite a record.

The Mound of Sound said...

Even my Conservative friends seem stymied at Harper's catfight with the Chief Justice. He puts his credibility against her integrity all on a highly-implausible claim, pure contrivance and somehow expects to emerge undamaged? Let's see, who to trust, a politician, any politician, or the chief justice of the highest court in the land? Hmm, that's a tough one!

mogs moglio said...

Anon 1:31 Get it through your head harper has assembled a team that does not question or judge his authority, they obey him and he would not have it any other way.

It certainly is a dictators dream team, but given the current electoral system in Canada he just barely rode in to head a majority government. Did he cheat to hold on to his thread bare majority? These questions are currently being given no answers and buried under a political and soon to be red tape seal, we will never know the truth and reality. That is why any thinking Canadian has the right to question and disbelieve Harper and his team. Precisely because he confusticates and muddies the waters of any investigation or challenge to his moral leadership, authority and decision making process.

It has become obvious that he works for foreign nationals (corporations) because these are the only parties that directly benefit from his "laws" we as the Canadian public do not.

As far as opinions of other countries Harper cares not, he is aiming for a much more financially secure alliance. The largest corporations on the planet now have more money power than the majority of nation states. This is who Harper is trying to please.

This is the reach of their power it touches everything:

So in-spite of the backlash stating that Harper is not a master strategist, who else could have pulled of a coup like Harper and Reagan before him to make us kneel down and bow to corporate power?

This is why we as Canadians do not like him: he is a corporate puppet.

Owen Gray said...

And now the emerging story is that the PMO suggested Nadon return to Quebec to to practice law and therefore meet the requirements of the law.

It's crass and it's stupid, Mound. And they say this man is a genius?

Owen Gray said...

The Europeans can't do anything about the obvious, Mogs. But we can -- if we're smart and courageous enough.