Sunday, May 04, 2014

Things Could Get Very Nasty

Kathleen Wynne has three opponents in Ontario's election -- Tim Hudak, Andrea Horwath and Stephen Harper. Her budget represents everything that Harper abhors -- government spending to stimulate the economy, an expanded pension plan and higher taxes on the wealthy.

Mr. Harper immediately dismissed the Ontario Pension Plan. And, yesterday, Joe Oliver told Evan Solomon that Wynne's budget  was "the route to economic decline, not the route to economic growth or job creation."

Wynne is a threat to Harper because Ontario's provincial and federal ridings are congruent. Mike Harris engineered that bit of business to, he said, save money. If Wynne  returns as premier, she threatens the very beachhead that Harper worked so hard to establish. That beachhead gave him his majority.

Wynne, for her part, has said that Harper appears to be "taking over the Conservative voice in the Ontario election." If that happens -- and Tim Hudak is seen as Harper's stalking horse -- there could be a wave of revulsion among Ontario voters. Ottawa traditionally has stayed out of provincial elections. The prime minister had nothing to do with the recent Quebec election.

But Stephen Harper has little regard for tradition. And he has a history of smearing those he sees as his enemies. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court it only the latest target of Harper's paranoia. Moreover, Dalton McGuinty left the Prime Minister's Office lots of material to spin.

Before voters go to the polls on June 12th, things could get very nasty.


CK said...

Harper has more vested in Ontario than in la belle province. Remember that video where Harper was at Ford's mother's bbq? Where he said he wanted that hat trick? Looks like he'll get it, too.

Hudak may not be all that well liked in Ontario but Harper sure is (remember he got his majority from Ontario).

I believe, sadly, that Hudak will definitely win.

Owen Gray said...

There's a poll out today which suggests it will be another Liberal minority, CK.

But campaigns matter. And I suspect that the campaigns will make the difference.

Dana said...

Conservative candidates don't show up for all candidate meetings, refuse to talk to the press, walk away from television journalists and still get elected in today's Canada.

So tell me, in all sincerity, how exactly do campaigns matter?

Owen Gray said...

If they're poorly run, Dana -- if they're knocked off balance -- as was the PQ campaign in Quebec, they make a difference.

The Harperites build up firewalls and still win, I agree. But Hudak was knocked off balance the last time around. We'll have to see if that happens again.

CK said...

Harper has now made it clear that he is pretty much going to be front and centre of Hudak's campaign. Controlled messaging and all.

Anonymous said...

Harper will use every underhanded tactic to win this next election, as he did the last election.

Tories may have broken election rules, with US Republican campaigners in Ontario
April 9/2012

Two Americans Wenzel and Parker directly participated in, Ontario Conservative campaigns. Front Porch Strategies were accused of the robo-calls, that came out of the US.

The Republicans that campaigned for Conservatives, fired.
April 24/2013

Harper placed Cote in EC. Cote said, he had no jurisdiction in the US, to chase down the robo-calls that came from there.

Con-calls: Canadian election attacked from American robo-con
April 25/2014

Our younger generation don't bother to vote because, Harper is a cesspool of corruption and he cheats to win.

Owen Gray said...

That's not surprising, CK. If the other parties are smart, they can turn that into a liability for Harper -- and Hudak.

Owen Gray said...

If the cesspool really begins to smell, Anon, they may vote. You can only put up with that kind of odor for so long.

liberalandlovingit said...

What Dana said should be broadcast loudly- over and over-
it's the only way to combat the big lie.
Don and Evan should put a sign in the empty chair on most panels-
CONS Refuse To Appear.
And, it sounds like Hudak's running on his 'new way' which is straight back to the Harris Way.

People DIED.

Get ready for 'Hate On The Poor-2.0'...

Lots do want the con.

The rest of us know better.

Owen Gray said...

Let's hope, Loving It, that those of us who know better out vote those who don't.

e.a.f. said...

Wayne ought to be able to beat Harper. She has way more material to work with, even if you toss in McGunity. Harper's actions regarding wars, treatment of vets, Supreme Court Justices, the list goes on. His war mongering isn't helping Canadians

For any party to win the Ontario provincial election they simply need to point out Hudak is party of Harper's farm team, along with Ford, the diappeared.

Owen Gray said...

In the past, e.a.f., Hudak has defeated himself. We'll have to see if he'll do the same thing this time around.