Monday, April 10, 2017


The ascension of Justin Trudeau was greeted with a great deal of hope. But that hope is fading fast. Michael Harris writes:

The politician who promised a bright, new day in Canadian politics, has already disappointed First Nations, environmentalists, veterans, electoral reformers, and those expecting swift action on repealing the odious police-state legislation from the Harper era, Bill C-51.

Some have called Trudeau’s underwhelming performance a question of “over-promising.” It looks more like bad faith.

Trudeau's attempts to dance with Donald Trump are particularly disturbing. Consider what Trump has said about Syria prior to last week's Cruise missile attack:

In 2013, nearly 1,400 civilians died in a gas attack in Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus. That included a large number of children. (By comparison, a relatively modest 72 people died in this week’s gas attack in Khan Sheikhoun.) The President of the day in 2013, Barack Obama, tried to make the case for a military intervention in Syria with a reluctant Congress. He failed. Citizen Trump weighed in on the debate with his Twitter bazooka.

“Again, to our very foolish leader, do not attack Syria – if you do, many bad things will happen and from that fight the US gets nothing…We should stay the hell out of Syria. The rebels are just as bad as the current regime…”

  During the 2016 presidential election, Trump offered this bit of wisdom on Fox News:

“The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families. When you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families…When they say they don’t care about their lives, you have to take out their families.”

When you say it three times, chances are you mean it.

Yet Trudeau backed Trump last week. It's unwise to support a leader whose opinions change as often as he changes underwear.

Image: CBC


Lorne said...

As I said in a comment on the Mound's blog, Owen, the alacrity with which Trudeau endorsed Trump's move gives me a very bad feeling as to how the renewed NAFTA talks will go under Trudeau's leadership. His judgement and instincts seem to belong to a callow youth, not a seasoned statesman, and his ego has obviously grown large since he became the darling of the international set.

The Mound of Sound said...

Great photo, Owen. It depicts our leader in a better, more accurate light than when he dons his selfie face. Michael Harris sums it up in two words, "bad faith." Trudeau has broken faith with Canadians and our country. He must be hoping and praying that the Cons choose a particularly odious leader so he'll have some electoral cover in 2019.

Toby said...

Owen, do you think anyone in the Liberal Party leadership is noticing that a great many supporters are disappointed with Trudeau's performance? Do Liberal backbenchers (especially in BC) suspect that they will lose their seats in the next election? Do any of them care?

Owen Gray said...

The faces change, Lorne, but the folks who pull the leavers don't. Welcome back.

Owen Gray said...

That's a good question, Toby. If they have any connection to the grassroots, they must know that rebellion is in the air.

Owen Gray said...

The photo makes me very uncomfortable, Mound. They look way too comfortable with each other. I can't imagine PET and Nixon being quite so friendly.

Unknown said...

Trudeau is not interested in making decisions and policies, including in foreign affairs for the interest of Canadians Owen. He and his government have gone rogue.His neoliberal policies and supporting of US imperialism is a sure sign of his sell out of Canadian independence.

He's wrong if he thinks Canadians are not catching on to the road he is taking us down. I think they are. Sadly Trudeau is showing that he does not have the intelligence nor courage to be PM of Canada.

Owen Gray said...

Things began hopefully, Pam. But they're turning sour.

Anonymous said...

As has already been noted; we are witnessing a Tony Blair moment' Canadian style.

It would seem that we disappear up our own assholes at an ever quicker rate.
There was a time when it took twenty five or more years for history to repeat itself; now we do it in ten or less.
Perhaps it's the advertising that distracts us.


Anonymous said...

Another view.

Worthy of consideration.


Owen Gray said...

Our attention spans and our historical memories grow shorter with each passing year, TB.

Owen Gray said...

"The truth is that von Eggert is left alone by Putin’s crew because the Russian leader refuses to act against a man he knows is so close to Western fake news spinners, EU sabre-rattlers, US business, and the BBC. Because Putin – for whom I hold no candle, but is at least more stable than the ghastly rabble of Russian energy Tsars created by early neocon enthusiasts like Konstantin von Eggert – does not want confrontation."

The spinners are running wild on both sides of the divide, TB.

Anonymous said...

"Bad faith"...agreed. Never thought I'd see this. The easiest man in the world to disdain and our PM is in with both feet. We're on our own- better to know it than not.


Owen Gray said...

There will come a time, lovingit, when Justin will regret his effort to get into Donald's good books.