Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Heat Is On

Even though he gives Toronto's Occupy Protesters credit for being civil, Peter Worthington has no sympathy for them:

Although the campers (to give them a polite description) have been served with eviction notices, they've been given a reprieve until at least Saturday, thanks to injunctions and Charter of Rights hearings and the mumbo-jumbo of lawyers and the sober considerations of the judge.

No matter. For all practical purposes the month-long long protest and park sleep-in is over. Patience has run out.

On the other side of the argument, Toronto law professor David Schneiderman argues that the protesters have a right to stay put. There is an important principle at stake:

At what point did the exercise of constitutional rights become intolerable? The city has simply issued an ultimatum without seemingly taking into further account the protesters’ objectives and their preferred means of expression. This is not a carefully calibrated assessment of the protesters’ rights and the city’s obligation to preserve public property but an outright ban.

And, yesterday, in response to a question from Nycole Turmel -- has the government listened to the message behind the protests? -- Stephen Harper proclaimed that the NDP's focus on the Occupy protests merely proves that they are "unfit to govern."

Mr. Harper likes to think he supports the Arab Spring. However, he forgets that the movement started as a protest against scarcity -- scarcity of jobs and resources. He and Mr. Worthington live on another planet. Unfortunately, it is not the planet most of us occupy. That's why they are unmoved when the heat is on.


Anonymous said...

Until the NDP advocates for transnational corporations backing dump trucks up to parliament hill to be filled with tax dollars, the Conservatives will continue to proclaim they are "unfit to govern".

Owen Gray said...

Expecting the Conservatives to give the NDP credit for a good idea is like expecting a heat wave in the middle of February.

Both phenomena are remotely possible but highly unlikely.

thwap said...

harper is unfit to govern. end of story.

Owen Gray said...

Now the question is this, thwap: How long will it take Canadians to cotton on to that truth?