Friday, November 29, 2013

A Matter Of Self Respect

The Senate scandal has shredded Stephen Harper's credibility. You would think that would cause a caucus revolt. But, Michael Den Tandt writes, it isn't happening:

I caught nary a whisper of this turning into open revolt or even a long-term subterranean assault along the lines of former prime minister Paul Martin’s multi-year campaign to supplant Jean Chretien in the late 1990s. The reason is simply that Harper’s hold on his party is too powerful. For many Conservative MPs, he is the only leader they’ve known. “There’s no talk of leadership revolt,” said one. “People are nervous and concerned. That’s a long stretch from a leadership challenge.”

That's not surprising. The party is full of members who can't speak without a script. And the scandal has taught us that the PMO provides the script. That said, things could change:

There’s the possibility that Wright and Duffy will be charged criminally; and that other actors in the saga, including senior sitting Conservative senators, will be caught up in the investigation. No one can predict how any of that will play out.

Harper's strategy is to ride it out. He's done it before -- and he's thrown a lot of people under the bus. The prime minister is assuming that Wright will lie down quietly as he grinds his former chief of staff into the dust.

The question confronting Mr. Wright is the same question which confronts every member of Stephen Harper's caucus. How much self respect does he have?


Anonymous said...

Dictators and control freaks, have no self respect, no sociopaths do. Harper has no, decency, morals nor ethics, what-so-ever.

Harper's minions, have no self self respect either. If they did? They would never support, such a monster as Harper. They are spineless, gutless wonders.

I have not one lick of respect, for any of Harper's team.

Owen Gray said...

And it appears that Harper has no respect for them either, Anon.

e.a.f. said...

Wright's silence is speaking volumes. It has been reported he is co-operating with the RCMP.

Wright likes to run. You can't do much of that in prison.

stevie slime would appear to be willing to throw anyone under the bus so he can continue riding. Some followers don't mind, others do.

Most likely it isn't that Harper doesn't have respect for others. It is that he is so "committed" to what he thinks is right, anything goes to achieve the goal. Some people are like that. Some people believe to achieve a principal, you need to use principalled methods.

Stevie slime has not had to deal with people like Duffy and Wallin previously. They are not people to take things lying down. I'm waiting for the book release by the two of them. Duffy and Wallin will want the money and revenge. It is very dumb to deprive people of their income. It will cause them to look for "other work". Wouldn't be surprising if a there was a book release in time for Christmas 2014.

Owen Gray said...

Harper has advanced his career by making enemies, e.a.f. The problem he faces now is that he's made the wrong enemies.

Duffy and Wallin will want their pound of flesh.