Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Going South

The damage keeps piling up. Yesterday the Conservatives won Brandon-Souris by a mere 391 votes. In Provencher, Vic Toews' former riding, Liberal numbers went from 7% to 30%. And, Michael Harris writes, if Nigel Wright's claim that Stephen Harper gave him a "good to go" is true, Harper will join Toews as a former MP:

There is not a single, informed person in Canada who believes that Duffygate comes down to two evildoers — Duffy and former chief of staff Nigel Wright. Yet this is our prime minister’s sad refrain — regardless how many facts emerge to render his version of events little more than delusion in a footrace with farce.

Conservatives -- real conservatives -- insist those who represent them tell the truth:

They traditionally expect their leaders and MPs to tell the truth — just ask ‘Lyin’ Brian.’ Wantonly misleading the public is supposed to be what Liberals do. Not only has Harper turned his mania for control on his own MPs, corseting the few who are actually allowed to speak in talking points — he has lied egregiously on Duffygate, and attempted to cover that fact with the aura of office.

They also insist that their representatives be accountable. And Mr. Harper promised them that he stood for accountability:

“We will improve Canadians’ faith in public institutions by making government more accountable and effective … Our first priority will be to clean up government.”

Voters understand that the Harperites have not cleaned up government. In fact, they have sabotaged it.  Their hypocrisy is catching up with them. And they are going south.


the salamander said...

.. the salamanders must politely disagree .. not 'goin south'
but we agree with the analogy.. fully..
as we believe you are too polite and too Canadian, to say
'goin to hell in a hand basket' ..

the Harper ideology has come from, been adopted, mutated, fermented in or been spawned in .. the tea party 'south' of the US of A and some colonial fable out of Oliver Twist or Animal Farm .. certainly not from the true north strong and free..

No sign of a glowing heart in his Harperness's caucus, PMO jackalpack or clandestine operations.. and not a shred of courage within those fully whipped n blended MP's managed by Peter Van Loan and a dominatrix or two or three or Jenni the Byrne

The Tom Flanagan infatuated ideology that comprises Stephen Harper's ekonomissed mind.. ie conquer the Indians,
strip the Resources and shoot any surviving buffalo .. is evident. Its Little Big Horn Harper with a wig instead of flowing golden locks.. The great white leader selling bad whisky
take your pick.. Shoot Riel if he won't sign on the dotted line..
China is our friend !!

Earth to Stephen Harper .. Your rocket is out of fuel
earth orbit, legacy, legitimacy.. are out of reach
Fall to earth in a fiery re-entry..
gravity wins .. manipulation loses..

OK .. be a truly terrible loser ...
deny till the bitter end ..
pretend via a magnificent last litigation stand..
torched earth politics.. dueling lawyers
all fall down ... in a bitter wind

- Harper holed up in Alberttawa
- Custer's last stand ...

same difference

The wind blows.. night falls ..

Owen Gray said...

Pure poetry, salamander, with a bite.
And absolutely true.

Lorne said...

I will be especially interested to hear what the voter turnout was in both Provencher and Brandon-Souris, Owen. If large numbers of their base stayed home, even the most sanguine of Tories should be very, very worried.

Owen Gray said...

Word has it that the Senate scandal was a hot topic when candidates knocked on doors, Lorne.

It will be interesting to know how many Conservative voters held their noses and voted -- and how many stayed home and fumed.

Unknown said...

Duffy, Wright, possible charges for violating the criminal code. Harper still clings to his pitiful claim that only these two were involved in any way or knew anything about the bribery and extortion known as Duffygate.

It comes to light Perrin, Woodcock, Van Hemmen, Rogers, Tkachuk, Stewart Olsen, Lebreton, Gerstien, Hilton and Hamilton all were either involved directly or had enough knowledge of what was illegally transpiring to put an end to it. These facts alone makes Harper a deceitful treacherous liar, something real conservatives can not abide by. Harper: the facts are as follows, 1) The other ten listed above just have not been charged with any wrong doing, yet, but knew and were involved to different extents. 2) They and apparently still others knew, it was no secret on the inside con circle and out of it in the senate as well. 3) That you Mr. Prime Minister surround yourself with these jackals and then pretend that you have no clue as to their fetid doings and goings on is preposterous, you look like a foolish clown or worse yet a little boy, man child caught in his lying conniving ways.

Put another nail in your coffin Steve, or several as more get dragged into your self-induced mire. Also good bye and do let the door (Canada's) slam on you on the way out.


The Mound of Sound said...

So much of this comes down to perception. According to Jeffrey Simpson, for the Tories, Harper has now become a dead weight.

Owen Gray said...

So many people knew what was going on, Mogs, that it's preposterous for Harper to claim that he was completely in the dark.

Owen Gray said...

With folks like Simpson and Coyne writing that Harper is on thin ice, Mound, can it be long before the prime minister goes under?