Sunday, November 30, 2014

Laughing All The Way


Stephen Harper is in power because the two so called "progressive" alternatives have spent more time fighting each other than fighting him. The current furor over sexual harassment continues that scuffle -- despite Peter Goldring's recent inane suggestions. Tim Harper writes:

The level of distrust between the two parties seeking to become the progressive alternative to the Stephen Harper Conservatives has never been deeper.

Had the tables been turned, New Democrats believe Tom Mulcair would have reached out to Justin Trudeau to seek a solution. Liberals are convinced Mulcair would have burned Trudeau if their leader did not act quickly and decisively.

Regardless, Trudeau and Mulcair have never had a conversation about this matter or how to handle sexual harassment or sexual assault complaints.

The whole mess plays into Harper's hands -- even though his hands are not clean:

This is the town, after all, in which a disgraced senator-in-exile, Patrick Brazeau, ends up as a manager at a strip club a couple of blocks from his former office. By the way, some of his employees said at the time, wouldn’t we love to know some of the familiar faces who make up the club’s lunch time clientele?
Brazeau has yet to have his day in court where he faces a sexual assault charge, among others.

It is up to Trudeau and Mulcair to come up with a solution to a problem that has been around for a long time. But, if they keep shooting at each other, Mr. Harper will stay where he is -- laughing all the way.


the salamander said...

.. ex Senator Brazeau.. greeting MP's, Ministers, PMO compadres, 'Justice lawyers', Lobbyists, 'Aides' Parliamentary Secretaries, Spies, suppliers, pollsters
.. at lunch in a strip club ?

How bout the evening crowd?
When the Parliamentary Pages get off?

Its all a delicious visual scene to contemplate ..
Camelot ? Or Soddam & Gomorrah ?
Add some Defense Consultants, some S & M
A little blackmail, a whip ....

And well, that's Government hey?
Your strong responsible accountable Harper Government.. and the Transparency you ask?
Uh substitute stark naked ..

Rural said...

I am constantly amassed , Owen, by the NDP and Libs sniping at each other. It would seem that not only do they not know who the real enemy is but that they seem determined to give them a free ride to reelection.

Owen Gray said...

You would think, Rural, that it would dawn upon them that all the energy they spend on attacking each other is simply self defeating.

Owen Gray said...

You would think, salamander, that Canadians by now have seen the Harper government stark naked.

But, even though the emperor has no clothes, a significant number of voters appear not to have noticed.

Toby said...

From where I sit, Owen, it is not only the Emperor who has no clothes; neither do his two principal rivals. Ottawa's political community has an eighteenth Century disconnect from the society it is supposed to serve. It is no wonder that so many people choose not to vote.

Owen Gray said...

People are concluding that our leaders are devoted to power rather than public service, Toby.

If that perception becomes the conventional wisdom, we will be in deep trouble.

mogs moglio said...

Together the rivals of course empower Harper instead of harping together about all the con's weaknesses mistakes illegitimacy and illegalities.

Sigh they live in a bubble too called Parliament...

Completely disconnected from the people that elected them except once every four years or election time...

Owen Gray said...

When the representatives -- from any party -- become disconnected from the people who sent them to Ottawa, we are all in trouble, Mogs.

Steve said...

I could have added in Sona ryhmes with SOMA. But anyway there is no meter on anything anymore and its not only each other but the planet we betray.

Owen Gray said...

Harper's actions have severe consequences, Steve. We're not dealing with schoolboy pranks anymore.