Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ontario Is Ground Zero
Stephen Harper won his majority by convincing enough Ontarians to vote for him. But those same Ontarians now have a premier who is not a Harper ally. Far from it. Tim Harper writes in the Toronto Star:

There’s simply too much at stake for both sides for détente, certainly not heading into a federal election campaign and the electoral riches available in this province.
The Harper Conservatives remember how Wynne campaigned against them last spring, they know they are dealing with aggressive adversaries in Ontario and they remember well Wynne’s characterization of the Harper “smirk” during that campaign as she recounted a previous, private discussion about pension reform.

But it's not just Wynne who the Conservatives see as their adversary:

When Conservatives look at Kathleen Wynne, they see Justin Trudeau. Their instincts tell them to fight and discredit, not to sit and discuss the big issues of the day bedeviling the country’s two largest governments.
They saw Trudeau stumping for Wynne last spring and Wynne returning the favour, appearing on behalf of Trudeau’s candidate in this week’s Whitby-Oshawa byelection.

And Harper hasn't helped his case in Ontario:

The list of Wynne’s grievances is real and long. They are not all meant to be distractions or wedges for the 2015 federal vote.
Wynne’s agenda would include infrastructure spending, inter-provincial trade, federal transfers, employment insurance and training, her go-it-alone pension plan and the lack of federal action on missing and murdered aboriginal women. The two governments have previously clashed over refugee health care.

For the Harperites, this is personal. Ontario voters, however, are likely to believe that it is more than that.  By now they may have understood that the Cowboy from Etobicoke is working for someone else.

The next time around, Ontario is Ground Zero.


mogs moglio said...

He ain't no 'cowboy' he don't know how to ride a horse he's an imposter Owen...

And Kathleen won on a good platform my hope is she is able to deliver her campaign promises.

Stephen Harper smirking oh and the rest of us get to pay that f***ing a**holes retirement pension that is much more than yours and mine combined. Plus we worked all our lives all Steve the peeve did was destroy Canada as we knew it before his terrible presence in the house of commons. He refused to work...

Oh I forgot mail room boy for a few months.

Think about house of commons he ain't no commoner he is not only an impostor he is the jester who has fooled the progressive crowd in 2011 and then scammed a bunch of non supporters aimed at older Canadians out of voting against him. BS Sona did this this was Stephens team Sona was the fall guy because he participated in some way.

Owen Gray said...

How Ontarians view Mr. Harper will be critical in the next election, Mogs.

Lorne said...

My hope. Owen, is that Wynne repeats her message loudly and regularly leading up to the 2015 election. Too many voters have a notoriously short memory.

Owen Gray said...

She can't rest on her laurels, Lorne. The public has a notoriously short memory.