Friday, December 22, 2017

Will It Stick?

Mary Dawson has found that Justin Trudeau flagrantly broke the rules. Tim Harper asks, "Will it stick?"

This is a government and prime minister who rode to power two years ago on the type of inspirational message of hope and a new dawn that propelled Barack Obama to the White House in 2008. 
This was a government that was going to do everything differently than the Stephen Harper government, yet continually plays to a sense of entitlement, of playing by different rules than other Canadians. 
Trudeau and family and Liberal friends made two trips to the island in the Bahamas — Sophie GrĂ©goire Trudeau also took her family there without her husband — at a time when the Aga Khan Foundation, which Dawson said has received $330 million from Canadian governments since 1981, was registered to lobby Trudeau’s office.

But, so far, "nothing seems to stick to this government, whether broken promises, a ham-handed performance from the finance minister, or a minister insulting Canadians with disabilities, the very people for whom he is supposed to advocate."

According to the Bank of Canada, the economy is chugging along on all cylinders. And the  employment figures keep getting better. We live in strange times. An accused child molester just missed being elected to the U.S. Senate. And a man who admitted assaulting women is now president of that country.

Perhaps the only two things that matter are money and jobs.

Image: PRlog


Lorne said...

Time will tell, Owen. Canadians have long learned to live with disappointment, so until a credible alternative arises, Trudeau's teflon will probably remain intact.

Owen Gray said...

He'll probably skate through these problems, Lorne -- until the economy turns sour.

Steve said...

I dont think its going to stick. Its stupid, probably more naivety than graft.
The optics are bad and I hate to agree with the Cons, but he should pay it back, that is cleaning the slate.

Of course Harpo took a multimillion dollar second honeymoon to the Taj Mahjal but who is counting.

Owen Gray said...

My hunch is that he'll have to say more than I'm sorry, Steve. But I confess I don't know what that next step will be.

zoombats in Hong Kong said...

Still bigger news is the abstention vote and an invitation to the "Friends of America" soiree. There is a loss of focus with respect to the average Canadian"s opinion it seems.

Owen Gray said...

We're giving into a bully, zoombats. He'll expect us to do it again and again.