Sunday, August 15, 2021


The media war has begun. On Friday, the Conservative Party released an ad attacking Justin Trudeau. Stephanie Levitz writes:

A Conservative attack ad launched ahead of an expected Sunday election call is being criticized as dumb, tasteless and embarrassing — by the party’s own members of Parliament.

The 37-second video features a cut-out of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s face awkwardly pasted to the face of Veruca Salt, the spoiled brat from the 1971 classic film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” in a scene from the film where she throws a tantrum over not getting what she wants in a song called “I want it now.”

The ad generated immediate criticism from Conservatives:

“Let’s be very clear I am not a fan of @JustinTrudeau with a provincial state of emergency, growing wildfire concerns in my province & potential 4th wave concerns. this election is purely selfish,” wrote Todd Doherty, a B.C. MP who serves as an adviser to leader Erin O’Toole on mental health and wellness.

Former Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall — long considered someone who might one day run for party leadership — raised his digital eyebrows in disbelief:

“Please tell me — @CPC_HQ that someone hacked your account and this is not an actual ad for your party.”

In our neck of the woods, CTV's Ottawa affiliate is available on cable and over the air. For the last two weeks, the station has been running ads for Pierre Poilivere, who is running in nearby Carleton. He rails against Trudeau, spending, and debt --  his standard schtick. He comes across like your angry grandfather.

This has already become tiresome.

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Lorne said...

To describe it as "cringeworthy" somehow doesn't do justice to this juvenile ad, Owen. If this is from the Tory braintrust, we should all be very concerned about their fitness to hold office.

Owen Gray said...

If this is the kind of thing that drives Conservatives, Lorne, they -- and we -- are in big trouble.

Lulymay said...

I guess the Cons don't remember when they made fun of Jean Chretian (how he smiled, I believe) during an election and paid for it big time!

There's that old saying..... something like "what goes around, comes around".

They still haven't learned that its best just to stick to issues and even then, pick those issues that resonate with all voters, not just their base.

rumleyfips said...

Reformatories follow the lead of Republican trumpaloonies. They have both given up any appeal to a wider public to pander to their right wing nut job bases.

Owen Gray said...

As George Santayana wrote, Lulymay, those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Owen Gray said...

It's sad -- frightening -- to see the Conservatives follow the lead of their Republican cousins, rumley.

Anonymous said...

The Con Willy Wonka ad is actually quite clever. It didn't cost much to make and its cringeworthy production made it go viral as people piled on to criticize it. Meanwhile, the Trudeau as spoiled brat meme was firmly planted in people's minds. Worse, the idea will stick as it has a kernel of truth. Even Trudeau partisans have to acknowledge his privileged upbringing and ethical missteps highlighting his disdain for rules.

Not a bad first salvo in my view. It'll be interesting to see how the Libs respond.


Owen Gray said...

I fear that the Lib response will be similar, Cap. Big issues? Who wants to talk about them?

the salamander said...

.. Its a piece of garbage video. But that is an ethic the British PR experts espouse - saying that it actually generates higher exposure. As a Director & Editor I knew Graphics required 'readability time' rarely less than 5 seconds.. obviously no one can read those flying graphics, so I have no idea what they 'say', much less mean, if anything

I think the lesson here though is that Erin O'Toole has presided over a string of embarrassing propaganda pratfalls. He's quite glib, much in the same vein as Jason Kenney, who I actually don't think is as slick as O'Toole anymore. A lot of hemming and hawing, ums & uhs and self correcting now from Jason. Erin of course trots out his wife Rebecca, who sadly is stultifyingly vapid on screen with him

An aside - I found it amusing & even ignorant, that dear Rosie Barton, smug and secure called Trudeau 'The liberal leader' not the Prime Minister, just as she described OToole and Singh re their respective Parties

Meanwhile its 'wait & see' in Alberta as modelling suggests something COVID is going to hit the fan .. and it comes from the rear end of cattle. Potentially disastrous infection rates & hospitalizations, primarily among the un vaccinated. The Science and Data that convinced the UCP and Dr Hinshaw that essentially every restriction could be lifted will a huge accelerant - 'COVID will now be treated as just another respiratory affliction' (the flu as Jason calls it) may leave Dr. Hinshaw under the bus, career in tatters - name mud.

Owen Gray said...

All the parties should approach Alberta with extreme care, sal. It is a catastrophe --
for both physical and civic health.

Trailblazer said...

Voter response...



Anonymous said...

Well, Owen, not all Albertans are UCP armpit-scratchers. My brother in Calgary sent me an email Friday, titled:

"If there were Olympic medals for dumb politicians ..." And in the body:

"I am not saying that Alberta would win gold because there is stiff competition from Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott, but our guys would just breeze through the heats and the semis no problem."


Owen Gray said...

I suspect there will be a lot of that, TB. Lots of voters simply won't show up.

Owen Gray said...

Your brother has a ringside seat, BM. And he's right.

e.a.f. said...

This ad in no way surprises me. its standard Con fare. Many of the Cons are simply Trump light or perhaps middle weight. These types of ads in no way help the Conservative cause, with main stream voters. On the other hand, if the Cons keep this up, Singh may be the leader of the opposition.

Owen Gray said...

That could well be the case, e.a.f. Singh may wind up as the Leader of the Opposition.