Saturday, June 18, 2022

Dangerous and Demented

The morons who occupied Ottawa in February are returning to the capital this summer. David Fraser reports that:

Ottawa police say they expect more protests and larger than usual crowds during Canada Day celebrations in the capital this July as groups related to the Freedom Convoy continue to plan protests. 

Several groups — most formed out of the Freedom Convoy — are planning protests in Ottawa throughout the summer, including many of the key figures and prominent streamers involved in the ongoing "Freedom Movement."

A cohort that includes many of the groups involved in protests earlier this year, as well as some that have emerged since, is co-ordinating events throughout the summer. 

Protests are expected to take place on a mass scale in the city starting June 30 when James Topp, a veteran marching across Canada in protest of the remaining vaccine mandates, plans to end his cross-country journey at the National War Memorial in downtown Ottawa. 

Topp began walking to Ottawa in February, inspired by the convoy protests and disturbed, he said, by government overreach affecting people who have chosen not to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

"As it stands right now, I have not been invited back to work as of yet," he said. "This entire march, the purpose of it was to serve as a protest. I felt it was a violation in several different ways." 

Topp's march is supported by Veterans 4 Freedom, one of the main groups responsible for organizing the Rolling Thunder protests that took place in April. 

The group's steering committee includes Tom Marazzo, who also gained prominence during the convoy protests in Ottawa, at times acting as an official spokesperson for protesters. He also ran in the Peterborough-Kawartha riding for the Ontario Party during the recent provincial election.

Ottawa police say residents have reached out with questions about the potential for protest around the national celebration on July 1, which won't take place on Parliament Hill this year.

"We will not allow for conditions that led to the unlawful protests in February to reoccur. We are applying lessons learned from the unlawful protest as well as the Rolling Thunder and associated protests to build our plan," the statement said. 

"We will continue an approach that prohibits vehicle-based protests in areas in and around places of national significance." 

The American Disease has crossed the border. The hearings over the last two weeks have laid bare just how dangerous -- and demented -- that disease is.

Image: CBC


Anonymous said...

Is James Topp actually marching across Canada from Victoria, B.C. to St. John’s, Newfoundland and then marching back to Ottawa for July? Anyong

Owen Gray said...

I don't know Anyong. But I suspect we'll find out.

Anonymous said...

Erin O'Toole was on CBC radio this morning banging on about how disinformation over WeChat, a Chinese social media app, had likely cost the Cons seats in the Toronto and Vancouver suburbs in the last election. He then went on to claim this was totally different from the disinformation on American social media apps because the Chinese government controls WeChat. Apparently, lies on American apps are free speech, but lies on Chinese apps are not. I guess it all comes down to whose ox is being gored.

Either way, we have sophisticated machine learning helping bad actors to dupe people. Until we come to grips with that, we'll have plenty more Freedumb Convoys.


Owen Gray said...

It's so easy to be both dumb and influential these days, Cap.

Trailblazer said...

Erin O'Toole was on CBC radio this morning banging on about how disinformation over WeChat

In this age of shoot the messenger , there will be few left alive to vote, worse still get anything done.

I guess some of us have reached this stage..,often%20called%20a%20%22multiverse%22.


Owen Gray said...

These days, TB, those who lose elections generate their own facts -- and a conspiracy is born.

jrkrideau said...

@ Cap
It looks like Erin O'Toole is descending into the world of conspiracy theories. Did you catch what organization the CBC interviewed at the end of that piece whose response was something along the lines of "That's news to us"? I thought it was a nice touch.