Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Worshipping Ignorance And Greed

Michael Harris writes that Stephen Harper has a future -- in Arizona and several other Republican states:

In that state, voters must now present proof of citizenship before they can cast their ballots. It’s the same in Kansas. Like a lot of Republican states, Arizona claims the legislation is designed to battle massive voter fraud.

Except there has been no massive voter fraud, not in Arizona, not in Texas, not in Kansas, nowhere in the United States. The only fraud is the legislation itself, passed by nine Republican states since 2013 looking ahead to congressional elections, and ultimately to the presidential election of 2016.

It's clear from where and from whom Harper gets his inspiration. Republicans are primarily white and old -- and they are scared to death that their white picket fence America is changing. It's true that the Harperites have reached out to voters of colour. But, if they have one prime directive, it's to shut down people who don't see the world as they do -- even when the evidence is on their opponents' side.

Adam Shedletzky writes in The Tyee that the Conservatives' real opponent is reason:

They are quite literally daring opposition parties, the media and civil society to try and win this battle between rhetoric and reason. The likes of current, past and provincial chief electoral officers, the elections commissioner, the former auditor general, the former chair of the Royal Commission on Electoral Reform and Party Financing, non-partisan civil society organizations and hundreds of respected Canadian and international academics don't scare these guys.

With reason banished from the political landscape, it's much easier to worship the gods of Ignorance and Greed.


Anonymous said...

Canada has become rotten to the core with corruption. There is no decency, honor, democracy, ethics nor morals left in this country, what-so-ever.

Harper is rabid for, power and glory. Harper wants Canada as his, Thousand Year Fourth Reich. Harper doesn't give a damn, how he reaches his vile selfish goals either. I am sick to death of, Harper's tyranny and dictatoship

If we don't get rid of Harper like yesterday, he will completely destroy this country.

Owen Gray said...

There are signs, Anon, that some people are no longer willing to take orders from Harper. Let's hope that the rebellion grows.

Owen Gray said...

You can bet, Mogs, that the Koch brothers are trying to cover their tracks. They work very hard to get what they want. They also work very hard at being anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Not much doubt that the greedy and selfish are behind this gmi survey! I answered their questions truthfully - and the one regarding who I would vote for? I said 'prefer to not say'.

Owen Gray said...

Money still has a loud voice, Anon.