Saturday, July 09, 2022

The Wooden Candidate

Pierre Poilievre's latest video is all about wood, Or so he says. Marcus Gee writes:

If you haven’t seen his video yet, do tune in. We find Mr. Poilievre at home in Ottawa, admiring a post he recovered from an old barn to use in a DIY project. Early lumberjacks hewed it from logs, he says, leaving the scars of their axes as evidence of their labour. Then he turns to the planks on the wall. He bought them from a farmer, and spent hours cleaning and restoring them.

Why? Because they tell a story about the people who fashioned them and the elements that weathered them. All he did, he says, getting to his point, was to reclaim what was already there in the wood. “And that’s what my campaign is about” – reclaiming Canadians’ lost freedom.

“So-called liberals,” he tells viewers, have been trying to build a kind of utopia in this country, knocking down statues, sweeping away history and banning words as they go. This is nothing but a pretext to give themselves “vast new powers,” something he says they have been trying to do all through the past seven years of Liberal government. “Reclaim your life,” he concludes, as swelling strings play. “Reclaim your freedom.”

We've heard this kind of talk before --  most notably from our southern neighbours, but also from around the world:

No one who has the least paid attention to what is going on in the world’s democracies over the past few years can fail to hear the echoes here. Brexiteers like the unlamented Boris Johnson told British voters that leaving the European Union would help them “take back control” of their lives. The still-dangerous Donald Trump railed against media, corporate and government “elites.” Mr. Poilievre does, too.

And we've heard it here from the Ford brothers:

Toronto’s Rob Ford rose to power on a promise to wrest the city away from its self-serving elite and “stop the gravy train.” Last winter’s freedom-convoy mess in Ottawa unveiled a seam of anger at overreaching governments and established institutions. Many Canadians are weary of being told to reflect on the wrongs of Canadian history, however real and grave.

Mr. Poilievre and some of his rivals for the Conservative leadership are feeding these resentments. He has blamed the Bank of Canada for inflation and promised to fire its governor. He says that “government is ruining the Canadian dollar.” He is a fan of cryptocurrencies, the digital funny money that recently fell to Earth. Before the crypto crash, he told a podcast host that he and his wife sometimes watch a cryptocurrency channel on YouTube “late into the night.”

He has said that he will ban ministers in his government from going to the World Economic Forum, a favourite punching bag for conspiracy theorists. He recently walked alongside an army veteran who marched to Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates. “People should have the freedom to make their own decisions with their own bodies,” Mr. Poilievre said.

Mya Angelou warned us that we're fools if we don't believe him the first time.

Image: You Tube


Anonymous said...

It must have been hard to find a leadership candidate more wooden than Harper, but I think the Cons have found their man. In his opposition to vaccine mandates, PP shows that he doesn't value the lives of others. How many Canadians would have died needlessly if he had been PM?

Those who have crossed
With direct eyes, to death's other Kingdom
Remember us - if at all - not as lost
Violent souls, but only
As the hollow men
The stuffed men.


Northern PoV said...

I watched a couple of minutes of Lil'PP's wood-video before my gag-reflex made me turn it off.

It certainly brought to my mind the great Hunter Thompson quote ...

"“We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold."

Owen Gray said...

Eliot had Mr. Kurtz in mind, Cap -- a truly soulless man. Conrad recognized the type.

Owen Gray said...

Let's hope they don't take hold here, PoV.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a bolt of lighting will hit Mr.PP. Perhaps it (lighting) would wake Mr.PP from his deep sleep and he would gain some sense. He is disgusting and nothing but another wannabe. Anyong

lungta said...

The picture of pp pawliver and his minions playing with their real man wood
has about soured my weekend
Not much of a pole to hang their f#$% trudeau flags on tho
All attempts at ridicule and humor aside
this guy shouldn't be in charge of getting coffee
I am amused tho at the idea that
to become eligible to lead any conservative organization
you have to prove your cunning by rigging that first election

the salamander said...

.. video is really interesting to me. Seen it several times, read about the numerous cult level reactions. Mainly well deserved sarcasm. But it tell us something about him, his Campaign Brain Trust & the reality of The Conservative Party of Canada

Just the fact those three entities bought in on executing that classless sermonizing / self fluffing speaks loudly ..
That they sat back and watched it & approved it as right up their joint ally..? Well cemented themselves in historically

The final countdown to the coronation is a de facto slam.. ‘it’s over rover’
Heh.. he then gets Stornoway & all its perks from its current guest star Candice Bergen
a changing of the sheets so to speak..

But back to the CPC High Table.. which is really the partisan mob
that’s campaigning backing & betting
Poilievre is their best option as Candidate & showing this daily
They’re going for broke now as are they embedded partisan Mainstream Media
both Domestic & American.

Its just more ‘Flood The Zone With Shit’ of course
but it’s astonishing how much ‘being appalled’
‘had tears in my eyes’ is acceptable to the High Table

Who did they create this for ?
What audience & penetration are they certain of ?
Evangels for sure.. It’s not a General Election Spot.. but it is..
oddly, he’s not even the Leader yet we know he will be

Owen Gray said...

At the moment, Anyong, there is no indication that he's waking up from his dream.

Owen Gray said...

Poilievre is proof yet again that modern conservatism has gone off the rails, lungta.

Owen Gray said...

If there's one word that captures Poilievre, sal, it's arrogance.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing Poillievre had a block of wood to talk about...too bad he was upstaged by it.


Owen Gray said...

We'll soon see how many blockheads buy his message, CD.