Monday, December 30, 2013

Competence And Intelligence?

At this time last year, Michael den Tandt predicted that Stephen Harper would undertake a charm offensive. Perhaps he was simply hoping for the impossible. For a man who doesn't like people, Harper has chosen a curious profession.

At any rate, den Tandt is not looking for a charm offensive this year. This year, he predicts:

Harper in 2014 will make a visible effort to re-engage – likely through more frequent speeches, perhaps even more frequent press conferences. He will do so not by choice, but by necessity. The Wright-Duffy mess, the sheer scale of the venality and dishonesty exposed within his own office, among people he appointed, has shaken his personal standing. The only practical remedy is to shore up his positives, namely his reputation for competence and intelligence. He can only do so by communicating.

Den Tandt, may well be right. Harper has no other choice. But "a reputation for competence and intelligence?"  If this year has proved anything, it has proved -- beyond a doubt  -- that Mr. Harper possesses neither. Worse still, it has proved that he no longer possesses a shred of integrity, although there are some of us who have argued that he never possessed that quality.

As for the Liberals and the New Democrats, den Tandt predicts that their rivalry will get nasty. And that prediction could well prove true, even though that fight might once again give Harper -- devoid of competence, intelligence and integrity -- the keys to the kingdom


bcwaterboy said...

To me the biggest misnomer about harper along with his lack of competence and intelligence is a complete lack of empathy. The level of disconnect between this man and the people that put him in office is astounding. He has done a masterful job of keeping the wool tightly wound around the 30 odd% that gave him his coveted majority. The number one news story of 2013 has got to be how he got away with the "I didn't know" defence of the senate scandal. The level of ridiculousness that a control freak of his magnitude could not know is beyond comprehension.

Owen Gray said...

If Harper lacks intelligence -- and he does -- then the 30% who loyally support him also lack the ability to think clearly, waterboy.

As any con man knows, they make perfect marks.

the salamander said...

.. closing science libraries, BURNING and trashing their books, records, text.. encompassing over 100 years of Canadian science, biology and excellence are we, Stephen Harper.. ?

Can't have anyone reading them? And why do your thuggies lie and say these materials are being digitized to make them more accessible to Canadians?

You either ordered this or are unaware that your hired operatives ordered this.. both completely damning..

Sociopathic? Fascist? Ignorant? All three? Narcissistic?

Stephen Harper, the list of your deceits, conceits, obstructions, frauds, thievery and malevolent actions.. begin to blur together..

You sir, are a liar, a coward, a bully, a cheater, and a destroyer.. a wrecker. Find a 'second', scumbag.. walk into the forest you seem so interested in destroying and find a duel.. it awaits you.. and so do I.

I won't lack for an honorable second.. I could pick essentially any Canadian except those disgusting few aligned with you.. and know and trust I was well backed & represented..

You need to be challenged .. I come from Canada..
nobody really knows where you are coming from

I am Thomas D'Arcy Patrick O'Donnell
and I challenge you, Stephen Harper to answer
to Canada.. and to a duel

I await your response, as will my Second

Pistols ? Sledgehammers in 6 feet of tailing ponds water? Choose coward.. !

Owen Gray said...

Don't look forward to a response, salamander. The man has gone into hiding.